Spring is here!!!


The warm weather is finally back and it’s time to get outside for more rides and better runs.  Although it has been a very mild winter, it’s always exciting to see the grass start to turn green and the days getting longer.  This spring will be very different from any of the previous spring/summers.  I will enjoy spending time with my family and friends more than ever and I’ll be training with a different outlook.  I won’t be gearing up for one big “A” race in the spring like I was the last two years (St. Louis Marathon, Ironman St. George), but instead I’ll be doing some bike races with the Scheels team and maybe a few running races here and there.  I don’t have huge expectations and I’m going to take each race as a chance to be competitive and give it my all.  Everything I do this spring/summer with be with the thoughts of my sister in my head.  She is still in a hospital in Boston waiting for a new heart and looks to be there for some time to come.  I will use her strength and spirit everyday to help keep my life in perspective.  I’m able to train and race because my body allows it, which is something that I will embrace more than ever this season and not take it for granted like I have in the past.