Racing update Sprint Triathlon, Criterium

05/29/2014 » Cooperstown,NY & Davenport, IA » Amanda Hatfield 2nd Overall, Tyler Evans 2nd Overall, Joan Kane 2nd in age-group, Matt Migonis 1st Overall

This past weekend was another great weekend of racing for Migonis Multisport. The team was well represented at the Cooperstown Triathlon on Sunday. Tyler Evans and Amanda Hatfield took home second place overall honors in both the men’s and women’s races respectively. Tyler was racing his first multisport event of the year and if it wasn’t for a little wrong direction on the bike he probably would have been fighting for the win. Amanda had a great day racing toe to toe with a short course specialist. Amanda used her great inner strength to pull out every ounce of speed she could, but feel just a few seconds short. Joan Kane also raced her first multisport event of 2014 and came home with a second place age-group finish. Three second place finishes is a very good day for team Migonis Multisport.

I was also competing this past weekend, but in a very different place and a much different event, criterium racing. My family and I were spending our final weekend in Iowa at the Memorial Day bike races in Eastern Iowa. I’m not a big criterium (crit) racer and I’ve never really had much success at the discipline. I compete in 2-3 bike races a season which makes moving up the ranks very hard as moving up comes from accumulating enough points throughout the season. The points carry over from season to season and because of my lack of racing I have been in the category 4 for two years. My goal for the weekend was to race well enough to grab the final few points I needed to move up to category 3.

I get very nervous with crit racing. You go around the same course for a bunch of laps and when the race gets down to the final laps people get a little anxious and start making bad decisions. In my previous experiences with this type of racing I’ve only found success when there is a good size hill each lap and there aren’t a lot of technical turns. Lucky for me the course on both Sunday and Monday had a good hill and very few technical turns. I managed to control both races from very early on and spent most of the time in the front, which is something most people say you shouldn’t do in bike racing unless you are working to help a teammate. Seeing as I didn’t have any teammates in the race and I was stronger than anyone else on the hills I decided to take control and ride at the head of the pack. Eventually as the laps went on I rode away from everyone and won both races. The first by 10 seconds and the second by 39.

I had a lot of fun racing and while I was nervous I really enjoyed the thrill of racing really hard and fast. Now I have enough points to move to category 3 which is a whole lot tougher. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of bike racing in the near future, but I do plan to get more serious when my tri career starts to dwindle down. I just hope I can keep some similar form on the bike when I get to that point.