Matt Ryan Takes on Puerto Rico 70.3 Triathlon

03/08/2015 » San Juan, Puerto Rico » Event Website

On March 15th one of the Migonis Multisport team members will take all of his hard work over the past five months and race his tail off at the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico event held in lovely San Juan, Puerto Rico (

Matt Ryan is a newcomer to Migonis Multisport and a relatively newcomer to the sport of triathlon as well.  He has raced several multisport events over the past year, but only one half-ironman distance race.  He took a very conservative approach to that race last summer and finished with what he considered a respectable time for a first year triathlete.  Since that day Matt has changed in many ways and now he is looking to race much faster in San Juan.

Throughout the past five months Matt has reformed his body, his mind and his overall approach to training and racing.  He is eating, drinking and sleeping in ways to aid his training and racing.  He’s fully devoted himself to getting better at this sport and racing well at every distance from the Sprint National Championship to Ironman Canada.  He has become much more efficient and smooth in the water.  His power output improvement on the bike has been nothing short of amazing and his running is faster now than it was when he was just training for a marathon last fall.  Matt really has transformed himself into a top age-group triathlete in a very short time.

It’s often hard for an athlete to see their gains throughout the winter months.  They can use numbers and times to see improvement, but until they race they never really know how good of shape they’re in.  Matt will get his chance in a week and everyone who knows how hard he’s been working has the same feeling, Matt is going to do something special.

Good luck Matt!!!!!