Late Fall Racing Fun Marathon, 13.1 & 6 mile trail race

10/31/2016 » Washington, DC, Albany, NY » Event Website

There were several Migonis Multisport athletes in action this past weekend in a variety of races.  One of the newest members of the team, Susan Anderson started and completed her first ever marathon crossing the line in 5:14:13 at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  While it wasn’t quite the time Susan was hoping to run for her debut marathon, she was still very happy to have completed her first attempt at the 26.2 mile distance.  Unseasonably warm temps in the high 70’s made the conditions a little tough, but true to Susan’s toughness, she pushed through and finished the long journey she started in early July.  Well done Susan and congratulations!

Another group of Migonis Multisport athletes and their family members competed at the Hairy Gorilla Half-marathon and Squirrely 6 mile trail race at Thatcher Park just outside of Albany, NY. The day started off with buddies, and all around nice guys Aidan Ryan (9 years old) and Patrick Migonis (4 years old) taking first and second in the kid’s half-mile race.  After Aidan and Patrick blazed the first part of the trail for everyone else, Emily Zipprich, Matt Ryan, Alison Migonis, Mark Zipprich and Matt Migonis took to running the brutally hard 6 mile and ½ marathon races.  The course was full of hills, trails, mud, water, roots and all around tough, but fun, running conditions.  Alison led the way in the ½ marathon crossing the line in 2nd place in the women’s race in a time of 1:45:03.  Matt Ryan was the other athlete brave enough to race the ½ and he crossed the line in 2:02:00 good enough for 75th place overall.

Matt Migonis was the top overall finisher in the 6 mile race breaking the tape in 39:03 and finishing over three minutes in front of second place.  It was a much closer finish in the women’s race with Emily Zipprich taking 2nd overall a mere 6 seconds ahead of third and only 23 seconds behind first when she came across the line in 50:10.  It was a great battle right to the finish.  Migonis Multisport’s favorite honorary team member Mark Zipprich also had a good day finishing just a little behind Emily in 18th overall and in a time of 51:26. It was a great day by everyone and a fun time for all those who raced.  A special thanks to the awesome Rachel Ryan who volunteered to watch the two studs (Aidan and Patrick), while everyone else raced.  Thanks Rachel!  Great job everyone!