Ironman Lake Placid and NYC Triathlon Recap Ironman, Olympic Distance Triathlon

07/28/2016 » Lake Placid, NY NYC, NY » Event Website

This past weekend marked another great weekend of racing for members of team Migonis Multisport.  Ryan Meek and Dana Cooreman competed in their second Ironman Lake Placid event while teammate Ryan Elliott raced at the NYC triathlon which is one of the most popular Olympic distance triathlons in the country.

Ryan Meek was making his return to Lake Placid after his first attempt at the distance in 2015.  Ryan has been battling some knee issues all season, but decided a while back that he still wanted to go through with the Ironman training and see what he could do come race day.  This meant prolonging any possibility of going under the knife to fix the issue until after the season.  Ryan looked strong in the swim and very strong on the bike before getting a flat tire with about 8 miles to go.  At that point he decided to just continue riding it rather than stop and change the tubular tire, which if you have ever done that in a race situation after 104 miles of riding and your adrenaline being very high, then you would realize it isn’t very easy to do.  Ryan looked good for the first loop of the run before the injury and the lack of being able to run long runs all season started to show its ugly head.  Ryan still battled through and didn’t give up despite the intense knee pain.  Watching Ryan make his way into the Olympic oval and across the finish-line once again reminded me that he is easily the toughest athlete I’ve ever seen in this sport.  I will forever be impressed by what Ryan was able to do today with all that he has had to deal with in 2016.  Ryan finished in a time of 12:01:24.

Dana Cooreman was making her return to Lake Placid after racing there in 2014 when she was unfortunately one of the athletes who was pulled from the water early because of the dangerous storm that blew through early on in the day.  Dana had some unfinished business at this race and it showed in her determination to make this race something special this year.  Dana entered the water right next to her teammate and did the same coming out of the first transition.  On the bike Dana pushed a little harder than usual trying to see what she could do.  She knew to have a fast race she needed to test the limits a little more than her comfort level would suggest through the 112 mile bike leg.  Dana got to the run feeling a little tired, but still very strong.  She cranked out a 4:01 marathon to come home with a 40+ minute PR on the course finishing in a time of 12:05:26.  Dana was very happy today and felt like she had given everything her body could give all race long and she was rewarded with a huge improvement in the Ironman distance.  Dana won’t have a lot of time to relax as you will be racing at Ironman Chattanooga in 9 weeks.

Ryan Elliott raced very well at the NYC triathlon despite the intense, weather that was covering the city like a dome all weekend.  It was hot, humid and sticky, so much in fact that they cut the run distance down from 6.2 mile to 5.2.  However, Ryan pushed through the soupy air to finish with a great time for the day, 2:24:43.  The NYC triathlon is one of the premier races in the country for the short distance triathlon.  It attracts many of the best professional and age-group racers in the city, state and country each year.  Well done Ryan!  Now that his triathlon/multisport season is over Ryan will be setting his sights on the St. George Marathon in St. George, UT in October with the hopes of a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

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