Cranberry and Caz

08/24/2015 » Event Website

It was a great weekend of racing for four Migonis Multisport team members.  Each athletes either won the overall race, won their age-group and/or set a personal best time for that distance or race.  It was a very impressive weekend for sure.

On Saturday Matt Ryan and Matt Migonis raced in Day 1 of the Cranberry Triathlon Festival, which is Massachusetts longest running triathlon event.  Day 1 featured a sprint distance triathlon.  The water temps were in the 80’s so it was a non-wetsuit swim.  It was also the USAT North East Club Championship race so there were many collegiate athletes racing.  Matt M. went in the first wave with all the elite and collegiate athletes.  Matt tried to hang with the super swimmers for as long as possible and managed to come out of the water in sixth place just a few body lengths behind third.  Rain storms earlier in the week forced the race directors to alter the bike course cutting out over two miles.  Knowing this Matt needed to push a little harder with less time to make up any deficit he had after the swim.  By mile sixth he took the lead and came into transition 45 seconds ahead of second.  His top bike split of the day was enough to get him into the lead for good.  A solid 5:39 paced run fueled the victory by nearly two minutes over last year’s king of the Cranberry Triathlon Festival, Mike Emmons (who, by the way, is a fantastic triathlete and class act individual).

Matt Ryan also had a great day, although not quite as good as he was hoping for.  Matt swam strong and benefited from the time trial swim start.  He didn’t have to battle everyone in a big mass start and he was able to pass many of the collegiate women who started three minutes ahead of him.  He felt pretty comfortable in the water, which is always a good thing.  On the bike Matt was riding very well, but did have the nagging issue of going back and forth with another athlete.  When Matt tried to ride harder, so did the other guy making the pass not possible.  At one instance Matt pulled back behind the other competitor only to be given a penalty by the passing official.  The thought of a possible penalty fueled his energy and he took off on the bike.  He ran his butt off and finished fifth in his age-group.  A two minute drafting penalty dropped him one spot in the group, however, he did still finish in the top 60 overall (out 500 total athletes) and sixth in his age-group.  Not too shabby for a guy who, up until the past month, had been training specifically for Ironman.  Matt’s ability to change gears in a short period of time and put in some tough short course type workouts in some insane heat the past month really paid off.

The second day of racing at the Cranberry Triathlon Festival featured an Olympic distance race, however the bike course was 26.3 miles instead of the typical 24.8.  Nonetheless, this was another great day for both Matt’s.  Matt Ryan did his performance from the previous day one better by racing faster in all three disciplines than he did at the day before in the sprint.  He swam a faster pace than he did yesterday and he rode a faster speed on the bike and ran a faster split for the 10k.  Truly a remarkable result.  He finished fourth in his age-group in this race and 37th overall out of more than 600 athletes.  Matt also was fifth overall in the Cranberry King competition which added the time from both races together in a separate category.  A great way for Matt to end the 2015 triathlon racing season and a great race to build on for 2015.

Matt Migonis also had a good day which was on par or perhaps even better than the previous day’s performance.  Matt came out of the swim in what he thought was third, but was actually fourth overall.  Having to run up a steep set of stairs right out of the water really was a struggle with his sore heel, which was evident by the slow swim time and the slow transition time. On the bike Matt quickly passed the athlete who came out of the water right in front of him and set off on his quest to try catching Mr. Emmons, who Matt thought was in first.  Finally at mile 23 Matt could see Mike.  He caught him with a mile to go and they rode into transition within 10 seconds of each other.  However, they left transition together.  Not knowing Mike was in second and not first Matt held back a little the first mile thinking he would save a little energy for later on in the run.  There was a good size hill at mile five and he wanted to have everything he could for that if there was a battle.  There was a good, long gradual incline right around the ¾ mile mark and that was when Matt started to make a move testing the waters.  He found that he had some good life in his legs and decided to roll with it for the next 3.5 miles.  At the four mile mark he saw another athlete up the road.  Thinking it was a casual jogger out for his morning run Matt didn’t press quite as hard as he maybe should.  That was until he saw that the athlete had a bib number on.  He changed gears and caught the athlete with roughly 400 meters to go.  Once he knew that the athlete was in his race and not the splash and dash event Matt put in a big surge and crossed the finish line first.  Thinking the whole time that he was on the run that he was fighting out first place with Mike almost cost him the victory.  It was just another example of why every athlete should realize that the race isn’t over until it’s over and you should always give 100% until you’ve crossed the line.  That way if you do get beat by someone from another wave you can’t say you didn’t give it your all.  Matt learned from his mistake at the Whaling City Triathlon a few weeks before.  A mistake that costed him 40+ seconds and the win.  The 10 seconds win today coupled with the win from yesterday was enough for Matt to be crowned King of the Cranberry Triathlon Festival and the best way he could have hoped for to end the 2015 triathlon racing season.


While Matt and Matt were racing their tails off in southern Massachusetts, Brandi Brown and Travis Glazier were racing hard at the Cazenovia Triathlon in Cazenovia, NY.

Brandi entered the new elite wave that the race introduced this year.  The wave offered a cash pay-out and a chance to race some seriously good competition.  Brandi raced hard over the huge hills that beautiful Cazenovia has to offer and finished with a personal best time for the course.  Remember, Brandi is coming back from a year off after having her first child in 2014.  For her to set a new course PR, (2:38:37) today is certainly a test to her resilience and determination.  If she hadn’t raced in the elite wave she would have been the second overall female and eighth overall in the race.  Excellent job by her.

Travis Glazier also had a good day, I mean a GREAT DAY!  Travis won his age-group for the first time in his triathlon career.  He was also 12th overall in the race.  Travis used a very well-rounded effort to win his group which, as it has recently shown in his results, indicates that he is figuring this triathlon stuff out pretty quickly.  He finished nearly six minutes ahead of second place in the age-group.  He may not admit it, but the biggest improvement he made today was in the transitions, which are considered by many as the fourth leg of the triathlon.  His first transition was light-years ahead of most of the athletes who finished near him in the overall race.  His second was pretty good too considering he took the extra time to take a drink and a salt tablet.  Something that I’m sure helped him for the run.  Afterwards he said he didn’t realize the hills and the course were going to be that difficult, but he was really glad he did the race.  Great job Travis and congratulations on your first of what is sure to be many more age-group wins to come.