Cold Weather?! Who Cares About Running In Cold Weather? 13.1 miles, 4 miles

03/04/2017 » Syracuse, NY, Utica, NY » Event Website

While there was a bit of warm weather in the Central, NY area the past two weeks, there were also some brutally cold and nasty days too.  Unfortunately two of those days were the days of the Lake Effect Half-Marathon in Liverpool, The America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in Utica and the Tipp Hill 4 miler in Syracuse.  Nonetheless several brave Migonis Multisport athletes joined the hundreds of other racers at each event determined to have good races and good fun despite the weather conditions.

At the Lake Effect Half-Marathon team members Ryan Elliott, Travis Glazier and Kristin Mullally all laced-up the shoes for what turned-out to be very good performances from each of them.  The weather was 65 degrees the day before the race, but overnight the temps plummeted and the wind picked-up tremendously.   Running by Onondaga Lake one can have plenty of wind to deal with, but do it on a day when the wind is howling at 25-30mph and you get very tough running conditions.  Ryan Elliott led the way on the day for Migonis Multisport finishing 37th overall and 9th in his very competitive age-group breaking the tape in 1:34:20, which is a new personal best time for 13.1 miles.  Travis Glazier, who just decided to do the race a few days before, also came across with a good time finishing in 96th place overall and a solid time of 1:45:28.  Kristin had a good day too.  She finished in 1:50:09 which was good enough for 142 overall and 13th in her very fast age-group.  While each of these athletes would have rather raced in the 60 degree temps the day before, each considered this a great start to the “spring” racing season.  Awesome job Ryan, Travis and Kristin.

At the Tipp Hill 4 miler this weekend, Randy Hadzor continued his impressive performances at one of his favorite races of the year.  Randy finished in 7th overall in a time of 22:37.  He always seems to find his way into or just outside the top 10 no matter how great the competition is up-front at Tipp Hill and no matter how big the field is.  Ryan Meek ran well too setting a new PR for the course while finishing 2nd in his age-group and 23rd overall in a field on over 1,800 racers.  Ryan’s time was 25:34, which like Randy’s was impressive on the very hilly and windy course that takes runners through some of the coolest places in the Tipp Hill area of Syracuse.  Well done Randy and Ryan!

Also racing this weekend was Joan Kane at the America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in Utica, NY.  Joan has done this race several times, but this one took the cake for the coldest and windiest.  Having to run most of the 13.1 miles solo, Joan powered through and came to the finish in a very good time, especially considering the conditions. Her time of 2:07 was a little slower than she hoped, but today wasn’t about times.  It was about running for an amazing cause and beating the mental demons telling her not to run in the cold subzero wind-chill.  We are all proud of you Joan for running for this great charity and doing your part in helping those in need.  Well done!

Several more athletes will start their racing seasons in the coming weeks at races like the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in DC and the ever popular Syracuse ½ marathon at the end of the month.  The 2017 racing season is officially here!!!!



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