Catching-up 70.3, Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Tri

06/11/2014 » Raleigh, NC, Syracuse, NY, Keuka, NY »,

It’s been a crazy last two weeks and I know I’ve been really bad with keeping this blog updated, but now that I’m finally settled in at my new place in Brighton, MA I can get back to updating.

Two weeks ago Amanda Hatfield and Scott Milnamow competed in the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh event in Raleigh, NC. Both athletes set personal best times for the 70.3 distance and Amanda qualified for the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships that will take place in Canada in September. Amanda used her killer run speed (fastest women’s age-group time of the day) to get herself up to fourth place at the end of the race and received the first roll-down spot to the World Championships. Scott used his best ever swim to get his great day started and then followed it up with bests on the bike and run. His run time was faster than what he ran for the open ½ marathon in Syracuse back in March. Congratulations to both Scott and Amanda!

This past weekend saw several Migonis Multisport athletes in action. On Saturday Joe Hatfield took a break from his Ironman training to partake in the Green Lakes Triathlon in Syracuse. Joe used a great swim and a VERY fast bike to get himself into third going in to the run. Some cramping issues slowed him up a little the first half of the run leg, but he rebounded and finished in 5th. Sprints are hard when you are training at zone 2 levels for five months straight. Nice work Joe!

On Sunday Tyler Evans, Scott Milnamow and Katie Sullivan took on the tough Keuka Lake Triathlon course in Keuka, NY. Tyler won his first race as a member of Migonis Multisport leading from start to finish. This got very interesting on the run as the second place finisher was closing the gap quickly. Tyler stayed strong and finished off the win by 30 seconds over second place. Scott had another solid day of racing. This race was much shorter than what he raced the week before, but no less hard. Scott, who is also training for Ironman, had a big brick workout the day before where he was out training for nearly five hours. Not typical for someone racing the next day, but that’s the demand of Ironman, very little down time. Scott had another great swim and a good day on the bike and run for someone dealing with VERY tired legs. Katie was racing her first race as a member of Migonis Multisport. She also had a very good day with an especially strong swim and bike. She finished in the top five in her age-group and got her first taste of racing in 2014. Katie is also training for Ironman Lake Placid and is planning to race the Tupper Lake Tinman Half-Ironman at the end of the month as a final big race before the really big one in July. Great job to all three athletes!