Awesome Late Season Racing Sprint, Ironman, 1/2 and full marathon

09/12/2016 » Western and Central NY, Madison, WI, Allentown, PA » Event Website

Several Migonis Multisport athletes were back to racing again this past weekend.  For one athlete it was a continuation of a great racing season, for another it was just his second triathlon of the year and for the third it was at day to remember as she crossed the finish line under 14 hours in her first ever attempt at an Ironman.

Beth Lancer was racing once again and for Beth is was more of the same in terms of her placing in her age-group.  While it never seems to be in-doubt that Beth will be on the podium for her age-group, we aren’t always sure which step she’ll be on come the awards ceremony after the race.  This time it was the top spot after her great showing at the Incredoubleman sprint distance triathlon held in Sackets Harbor, NY.  The race was switched to a duathlon prior to the start due to some nasty waves in the water which looked like a very sketchy day for swimming.  Beth crossed the line 15 minutes in front of the second women in her age-group as she broke the tape in a time of 1:36:52.  That was good enough for 31st overall in the race.  Awesome job Beth!

Chris Ogden was racing his second triathlon of the season and his first triathlon with Migonis Multisport.  Chris has been working hard his first three weeks since joining Migonis Multisport and was very eager to see what he could do and how much his time could improve over his first triathlon race a few weeks prior.  Chris crossed the line in a time of 1:36:20 at the Finger Lakes Triathlon held in Canandaigua, NY.  He placed 6th in his age-group on the day.  Much like the weather Beth raced in, Chris had to deal with strong winds on the bike and run, but ended-up doing very well for his second crack at racing a triathlon.  Well done Chris!

Taylor Schaa Wilmoth is the one and only Migonis Multisport team-member from the great state of Wisconsin.  And being from Wisconsin and also being a very tough competitor who loves a challenge, it was no-doubt that she was going to do an Ironman someday.  Taylor decided to sign-up for Ironman Wisconsin last year shortly after the 2015 race.  Prior to starting her training she needed to take care of a few minor life details like getting married among others.  Once she got most of that stuff out of the way Taylor began working towards a goal of finishing Ironman Wisconsin come September.  About half-way through her training she started to realize that she was going to be racing a full Ironman in just a few short months.  Her coach told her things were about to get really tough and physically and mentally grinding.  She accepted what she was going to have to go through and what the days, weeks and months were going to look like for the rest of the summer.  Yes she was a little scared, but once race week came she was as cool as a veteran and relaxed like a professional triathlete that had done 30 of these races before.  Oh, and she did get a little grumpy like a lot of us are 24 hours before race day.  Along the way Taylor’s goal of finishing the race changed to a goal of sub 14 hours.  All the hard work and sacrifice paid off as she crossed the line in her first Ironman in a time of 13:57:59 and doing it with a smile the whole way.  Congratulations Taylor on an amazing feat and an amazing day!  You are an Ironman!

In addition to the multisport racing of Beth, Chris and Taylor, teammate Scott Milnamow and honorary teammate Tim Kane also did some racing of their own.  Scott was a member of a push team at the Arc ½ Marathon in Syracuse, NY.  Scott was part of a great cause and while it was surely a tough thing to do running and pushing a wheelchair at the same time, there is no better person to help a teammate or two in that way than Scott.  Great work my friend!

Tim has been training very hard all summer to race at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in Allentown, PA putting aside his triathlon training and racing for the 2016 season. Tim had a great plan going into the race and executed it very well. He crossed the line in a time of 3:38:39.  As hoped he accomplished his #1 goal of achieving a Boston Marathon qualifying time.  Awesome job Tim!

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