Kristin Mullally

Kristin joined up with Migonis Multisport for the 2017 season!

Just recently moved to Manlius, NY in May 2016 and am in love with the area!

I was an athlete all through high school, but  I was never a triathlete/runner. I played Soccer, Volleyball and Softball for my high school. I then continued playing Volleyball and Beach Volleyball in college.

I started running soon after my Daughter was born, 13 years ago to shake off some baby weight. I signed up for the American Heart Association Run. Thought it was a 5K but soon realized I signed up for a 5 mile run! I thought I was going to pass out! When I was done, I went on to conquer other races as I was elated that I finished a 5 mile run. In 2006  I did my first Half Marathon, In 2007 my first Full Marathon (Lake Placid). There is just something about that place that is really special. Since then I have countless races under my belt and continue to want to improve my running times.

I watched my partner do a Triathlon in 2005 and thought I could do it as well. The vibe was just so enticing. Even until the last swimmer, biker, runner completed the event, there were cheers and comradery that I didn’t experience in other sports. The next year I trained, and raced Green Lakes triathlon on a Pulled Calf muscle (From beach volleyball) and still placed first In my age group! I remember all the training up that hill on the back side of Green Lakes and thought I would never make it up that thing! After this race, I knew I would have a love for Triathlon and it would now be the sport I would continue on with. Now I have countless Tris, including 6 Half ironmans and 3 Full Ironmans under my belt! I continuously want to improve.

I have a type A Personality and sometimes let my thoughts interfere with what I am truly capable of Doing in my athletic world.

I wanted to hire a coach this year to give me feedback on what I could improve on. I knew I needed a push to that next level.  I joined Matt in December 2016 and right off I felt like we communicated well. I have also seen gains in such a short period of time that I just sit back and smile and know that this is all worth it for me. I am not the person that needs someone to hold my hand, but someone to give me that added push and to say I can do better or to back off. I get a lot of feedback which I like. I have big dreams and goals this year and Matt knows all about those goals. He determines my workouts weekly and bases it off my previous workouts and how I am feeling. This is where I struggled last season. Can’t wait to see the final outcome as I come charging into that Finish Line In Lake Placid this year!