New PR’s and another 100 Days Finished


This past weekend marked a huge feat for two Migonis Multisport athletes, Emily Zipprich and Elyssa Rosenbaum.  They both set new 1/2 marathon personal best times at the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC event in Washington, DC on Saturday.  Emily improved her best time by over 5 minutes while Elyssa went an amazing 7 minutes faster than her previous best time for the 1/2 marathon distance.  Emily finished in a time of 1:39:05 which was good enough for 608 overall.  Her pace was a blazing 7:34 for 13.1 miles.  Elyssa finished in a time of 1:41:33 which was a stellar 7:45 pace.  Her place was 801 out of over 12,000 racers in the 1/2 marathon.  Fantastic job ladies and congratulations on a great start to the 2017 racing season.

In other Migonis Multisport news, Matt Toporowski became the third member of the 100 days cycling challenge this season.  Matt started the 100’s days way back in December and managed to ride at least one hour each day for 100 consecutive days.  He did some outside, but the majority were done inside on the trainer.  His fitness improved by leaps and bounds on the bike while lowering his heart rate, increasing his power and smiling much of the way.  Matt is currently training for the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga race in May with the hopes of qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships that will be held on that very same course in September.  Well done Matt and good luck in 2017!  You are well on your way to a great season.


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Cold Weather?! Who Cares About Running In Cold Weather? 13.1 miles, 4 miles

03/04/2017 » Syracuse, NY, Utica, NY » Event Website

While there was a bit of warm weather in the Central, NY area the past two weeks, there were also some brutally cold and nasty days too.  Unfortunately two of those days were the days of the Lake Effect Half-Marathon in Liverpool, The America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in Utica and the Tipp Hill 4 miler in Syracuse.  Nonetheless several brave Migonis Multisport athletes joined the hundreds of other racers at each event determined to have good races and good fun despite the weather conditions.

At the Lake Effect Half-Marathon team members Ryan Elliott, Travis Glazier and Kristin Mullally all laced-up the shoes for what turned-out to be very good performances from each of them.  The weather was 65 degrees the day before the race, but overnight the temps plummeted and the wind picked-up tremendously.   Running by Onondaga Lake one can have plenty of wind to deal with, but do it on a day when the wind is howling at 25-30mph and you get very tough running conditions.  Ryan Elliott led the way on the day for Migonis Multisport finishing 37th overall and 9th in his very competitive age-group breaking the tape in 1:34:20, which is a new personal best time for 13.1 miles.  Travis Glazier, who just decided to do the race a few days before, also came across with a good time finishing in 96th place overall and a solid time of 1:45:28.  Kristin had a good day too.  She finished in 1:50:09 which was good enough for 142 overall and 13th in her very fast age-group.  While each of these athletes would have rather raced in the 60 degree temps the day before, each considered this a great start to the “spring” racing season.  Awesome job Ryan, Travis and Kristin.

At the Tipp Hill 4 miler this weekend, Randy Hadzor continued his impressive performances at one of his favorite races of the year.  Randy finished in 7th overall in a time of 22:37.  He always seems to find his way into or just outside the top 10 no matter how great the competition is up-front at Tipp Hill and no matter how big the field is.  Ryan Meek ran well too setting a new PR for the course while finishing 2nd in his age-group and 23rd overall in a field on over 1,800 racers.  Ryan’s time was 25:34, which like Randy’s was impressive on the very hilly and windy course that takes runners through some of the coolest places in the Tipp Hill area of Syracuse.  Well done Randy and Ryan!

Also racing this weekend was Joan Kane at the America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in Utica, NY.  Joan has done this race several times, but this one took the cake for the coldest and windiest.  Having to run most of the 13.1 miles solo, Joan powered through and came to the finish in a very good time, especially considering the conditions. Her time of 2:07 was a little slower than she hoped, but today wasn’t about times.  It was about running for an amazing cause and beating the mental demons telling her not to run in the cold subzero wind-chill.  We are all proud of you Joan for running for this great charity and doing your part in helping those in need.  Well done!

Several more athletes will start their racing seasons in the coming weeks at races like the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in DC and the ever popular Syracuse ½ marathon at the end of the month.  The 2017 racing season is officially here!!!!



Website and how to donate to the American Heart Association:

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Another 100 Day Challenge and Some 5k Racing 5k Road Races

02/09/2017 » Cazenovia, NY, Liverpool, NY » Event Website

Congratulations to Ryan Elliott who became the latest member of the Migonis Multisport team and second team member this year to complete the 100 day bike challenge.  His teammate, Ryan Meek completed the challenge earlier in the winter.

Ryan rode his bike for at least 60 minutes each day for 100 days in a row.  These rides were done in addition to other triathlon workouts each week.  With a very busy work schedule Ryan was often doing his rides late at night sometimes getting off just minutes before the 11:59 pm deadline.  Well done Ryan and congratulations again!

During his 100 days Ryan did plenty of running as well.  He even toed the line at the 13th Annual Chilly Chili 5k in Cazenovia, NY in late January.  Ryan took advantage of a great weather day for CNY in January and ran a very solid 5k time of 20:26 which put him 29th overall and third in his age-group in a field of over 700 racers.  Ryan is currently training for Ironman Lake Placid in July and was surely not training for a 5k in January, which made his great time and place in a very deep and competitive field even more impressive.  Great job Ryan!


This past weekend saw two more Migonis Multisport athletes brave the CNY mid-winter weather to race a 5k.  Kristin Mullally and Ryan Meek both raced the 7th Annual Syracuse Track Club Super Couch Potato 5k at Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, NY.  Kristin came across the line in a time of 24:07 which was 99th overall and 3rd in here age-group.  Like Ryan Elliott, Kristin is racing Ironman Lake Placid in July and was running this race as part of her training.  In fact, this race was done in the middle of her long run.  She ran 7+ miles before the race, ran the race and then ran even more afterwards.  Dedication at its finest.  Great job Kristin.

Ryan Meek raced very well too.  He came across the line in 12th place overall in 19:20 and was first in his age-group.  Ryan is taking a break from racing Ironman’s this season and is concentrating on some shorter racing and 70.3’s.  This was a great opportunity for Ryan to test the legs and he didn’t disappoint winning the Masters Division in his first road race in that category.  Awesome job Ryan.

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100’s for several Migonis Multisport Athletes


This past weekend marked the second year in a row that several Migonis Multisport athletes attempted to complete the annual “Miles for Marley”  100×100 swim challenge at Harvard University.  That’s 100 intervals of 100 yards in length.

Matt Ryan completed the challenge swimming an average pace of 1:31 per 100, which was 5 seconds faster than his average pace per 100 last year.  Not only did he swim faster, but his recovery time in-between intervals was a mere 14 seconds.  Pretty impressive for a 43 year old guy in only his third year of swimming competitively.

One of our favorite honorary team members, Alison Migonis, swam for the first time in 6 months and completed the challenge with ease.  Alison swam between 1:12-1:14 for each 100 using her superb technique and efficient flip-turns to make it through without any trouble.  In hindsight she probably should have swam in a faster lane as she had to take a good deal more recovery time than she had expected too.  I guess you can never underestimate the strength and skill of a swimming national champion, no matter how long it has been since her last swim.

Coach Matt Migonis also completed the challenge for the second year in a row and like Matt Ryan, he was a good bit faster than last year swimming all of his intervals between 1:15-1:18 per 100 yards.  Matt is also very pleased to be swimming faster as he gets older.

Well done Matt, Alison and Matt!

Info on the event:

Not to be outdone by the three in the pool, Migonis Multisport athlete Ryan Meek became the only the 5th athlete in team history to complete the 100 day bike challenge to start off the season.  Ryan road for at least 60 minutes for 100 straight days often riding longer for three or four of the rides each week.  He had to finish each ride by 11:59 pm that day.  Ryan road intervals, long rides, bricks and a whole bunch of easy rides during the 100 days and the result speak for themselves. He’s stronger and his power is already higher than it was at any point last year.  He will test his FTP one more time this week to see the final power jump from where he started 100 days ago.  I’m guessing it will be a huge jump. Well done Ryan and congratulations on completing a very difficult challenge.

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St. Nick 5k Fun 5k

12/03/2016 » Syracuse, NY » Event Website

One of the biggest team Migonis Multisport races on the yearly calendar is the InStride Sports St. Nick 5k event held at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY.  The 5k event which draws over 300 racers, no matter the weather, is a great chance for runners of all ages and abilities to test their legs in a late season event that’s more about fun than it is about racing fast.  Of course if you run fast and have a great time doing it than it’s a bonus.  Several Migonis Multisport athletes did just that.

Sixteen Migonis Multisport and honorary Migonis Multisport athletes took to the wet, cold roads around OCC.  Randy Hadzor and Matt Migonis lead the way on the day finishing 1st and 2nd crossing the line together in 18:06.  Randy and Matt ran the whole race with each other, which included a stop for some cookies with ¾ of a mile go.  They finished over a minute ahead of third place.  The next Migonis Multisport athlete to cross the line, in a dead sprint no-less, Ryan Meek who broke the tape in 19:42 which was 6th best on the day in a field of over 360 runners. Ryan’s finish was good enough for 2nd in his age-group.  Ryan was followed shortly be the other Ryan on the team, Ryan Elliott who crossed the line in 10th place overall in a great time of 20:26.

Honorary team member Alison Migonis was the next to break the tape as she finished 20th overall and 1st in her age-group finishing in a time of 21:09.  After Alison came Travis Glazier who ran a very strong early training 5k finishing in 25th place in a time of 21:44.  Finishing shortly behind Travis was the highlight of the day as 6’4” Matt Ryan, wearing a red speedo in 30 degree weather, broke the tape in 22:00, which was 28th place on the day.  Most of us were speechless when we saw his uniform for the race.  Perhaps the most unlucky Migonis Multisport athlete of the day was poor Emily Zipprich who had to run right behind the speedo the whole 5k finishing just a few seconds and few spots behind Matt in the end.  Emily crossed the line in 22:16, which happened to be a PR for her, so there was some reward for chasing that red speedo for 3.1 miles.  Emily’s place was good enough for 3rd in her age-group.

The second (and favorite) honorary Migonis Multisport team member to race today was Mark Zipprich who proved just how tough he is as he not only ran very fast finishing 42nd overall on virtually no run training, but he also finished 1st place overall in his age-group. Shortly after Mark was Elyssa Rosenbaum who broke the tape in 23:46 which was good enough for 45th on the day.  Not a bad performance for a girl who was sick most of the week.  Chris Ogden finished in 24:11, 52nd overall, which was good enough for 2nd in his age-group.  A great performance for a guy who ran two lifetime best 5k’s in the last 10 days.  He had a breakthrough performance on Thanksgiving Day at the Baldwinsville Turkey Trot 5k finishing in 23:54.

After Chris came Lauren Polak who is on the comeback trail after a nasty bout of Mono in the fall.  Lauren ran very well finishing in 25:12 and 62nd overall on the day.  After Lauren came Beth Lancer in her full banana suit, which just looked way too hard to run in.  Beth ran amazingly well with the suit on coming across the line in 27:48 which was 89th on the day. After the banana came three awesome ladies who ran the whole race near each other enjoying every single minute of the fun.  Kellie Nassiff, Joan Kane and Susan Anderson finished in 141st, 142nd and 143rd in 30:23, 30:24 and 30:29.  It was great seeing the smiles on these ladies faces today as hey crossed the line.

This was truly a great day of racing and team fun.  Well done everyone and thank you to InStride Sports for putting together such a great event.

Photos to come soon.


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