October Team Racing


October saw some very memorable race performances for several members of Migonis Multisport.

The month started off with Jaimee Balloni and Joan Kane racing at the Lake Placid Classic ½ Marathon on 10/6.  Jaimee scored a 1st place overall female finish and set a new PR in the process.  This was Jaimee’s first win of the season and was a personal best time for the 13.1 mile distance by over four minutes (1:26:57). This was a huge win for Jaimee who was racing for the first time since the Boilermaker 15k in July.  Joan had a solid run too despite some stomach issues that hindered her stride at several points in the race.  Still, Joan showed her true colors once again and fought through the pain and ran very well crossing the line in 2:15:04 for 13th in her age-group.  Great job ladies!

A week later (10/14), Ryan Meek toed the line at the Syracuse Empire State Half-Marathon in Syracuse, NY.  Ryan ran very well while dealing with a nagging foot injury.  He crossed the line 11th overall and 2nd in his age-group in a time of 1:29:45. Nice work Ryan!

Joan Kane was at it again this weekend racing her second of three races in three weekends.  This time is was a little shorter as she took to the trails at the Deerfield Skeleton Run 5k.  Joan ran strong once again over the hills, through the mud and up the trails.  Joan scored yet another age-group podium this time taking 2nd place in the 55-59 age-group in a time of 31:12. Way to go Joan!!!

Also racing that weekend was Lauren Pfendler in her new home state of California.  Lauren ran the City to the Sea 5k and finished 6th overall female and was second in her age-group in a time of 22:26. That performance was also a new PR for her in the 5k distance.  Awesome job Lauren!

Justina McConnell was in action this weekend too.  She ran the Humboldt Redwoods ½ Marathon in northern California, just missing a new PR for the 13.1 mile distance.  Justina’s time of 1:51:30 was only about a minute slower than her life-long best that she set two weeks earlier at the Leaf Peeper race in VT.  Great job Justina!

Joan Kane finished off her season with another fine performance in a very tough trail race in Newport, Connecticut on 10/21.  She ran strong finishing in 2:10:53 for the ½ marathon distance.  This marked Joan’s third race in the past three weeks, which I’m sure is a task that most athletes would shy away from.  However, Joan is resilient and strong, so who better to accomplish this feat than her?  Great job this weekend Joan and congratulations on a great season!

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September Racing Results


September was another great month of racing for members of Migonis Multisport.  The month was full of triathlons, 5k’s, trail races and marathons.

September started off strong with Phil Sconzert putting a cap on a very impressive short course triathlon season.  Phil finished 15th overall and 4th in his age-group at the Hopkins Royal Triathlon crossing the line in 1:12:11. The race was held on September 1st, in Minnetonka, MN.  This was the first race of the season that Phil didn’t finish on the podium, but it was still a very strong performance to end the year.  Congratulations Phil!

On September 8th, Joan Kane raced at the Old Forge ½ marathon in beautiful Old Forge, NY.  Joan used this race as a good solid long run effort and approached it with no real goals or expectations, which is always an enjoyable way to race. She ran very well finishing in the top half of the female field and crossed the line in 2:15:13. The course was made up of gravel paths, woods trails and snowmobile trails.  A nice break from the roads.  Well done Joan!

Chris Ogden also raced his final triathlon of the season in September.  He toed the line at the Finger Lakes Triathlon on September 9th, in Canandaigua, NY.  The weather finally cooperated and wasn’t grossly hot and humid like it had been all summer, which made for great race day conditions.  Chris had a very good day breaking the tape in 2:30:00 for 2nd place in his age-group and 41st overall.  Now he’s on to run training with a few races on the calendar the rest of the year.  Great job Chris!

On September 16th, Samantha Riegel ran her first race as a member of Migonis Multisport.  She competed in the Macedonia Trail Race in Macedonia, CT.  This trail race is a 7.25 mile super hard event.  Sami had to cross streams, climb hills so steep you needed a rope to get up them and had to navigate over and through single track trails with a bunch of other racers.  Sami say’s it was one of the hardest thing she’s ever done, but surely ranks up there as one of the most rewarding as well.  Times don’t mean much in these races, but more so effort and Sami put in max effort for this race.  She plans on running three more trail races this fall including a 10k, 15k and half-marathon.  Awesome job Sami!

On September 22nd, Nikki Howard, who was also racing her first race as a member of the Migonis Multisport team, raced at the Teal Ribbon Run in Liverpool, NY.  She bested her time from the previous year by over a minute crossing the line in 39:40. It was also a huge improvement over her finishing time in a 5k earlier in the summer. Well done Nikki!

Joan Kane raced for the second time in September on the 23rd, but in a much more familiar and traditional race.  She competed at the Falling Leaves 14k Road Race in Utica, NY.  The Falling Leaves race is the “other” race in Utica and it is run a few short months after the world famous Boilermaker 15k Road Race.  Joan went into this race in even better shape than she was for the Old Forge ½ earlier in the month.  While she didn’t PR on the course she still ran very strong and came away with an 8th place finish in her age-group crossing the line in 1:24:40. Joan’s season isn’t done yet as she’s got a few more races on the schedule this fall including finishing off the season at the Philadelphia ½ Marathon in November.  Fantastic job Joan!

The final weekend of the month was chuck full of some great performances.  Sami Riegel was at it again with another great trail race.  Taking what she learned from the race earlier in the month Sami was able to push harder and handle to pain better. She finished 20th women overall at the Steep Rock 10k in 1:15:44. This race was the first in the series that has her racing trails in Washington, CT.  The next day Annie Ball ran her umpteenth Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY.  We weren’t sure how this one was going to go for any Annie as she was still feeling the affects of racing an ironman in late July.  However, true to Annie’s nature and strength as a runner, she powered through and ran her second fastest marathon time ever in 3:18:41 (5th in her age-group).  That was just about a minute slower than what she did at Wineglass last year, but with as crazy as her season has been this was an amazing result for her.  That same day Justina McConnell raced at the Leaf Peeper ½ marathon in Waterbury, VT.  Despite dealing with a little bit of an illness, Justina pushed herself up and down the hilly course to clock a new PR for the ½ marathon distance (1:50:55).  That time put her 54th overall and 5th in her age-group.  A great day for Justina.  Steph Haddox raced her first ever 5k.  Despite all the usual first race nerves and worries, Steph came though with not only a new best time for the 5k distance (22:58), but also an age-group win and 12th overall placing.  An amazing performance for her first time out.  She’s already looking for her next race to do.  Truly an impressive weekend for these ladies and well done to all of you!

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August Racing Action


The month of racing started off strong for the Migonis Multisport team.  On August 4, Annie Ball, who was just two weeks removed from her Ironman in Lake Placid, ran very well at the 27th Annual Jenny Kuzma memorial Bergen 5k in Bergen, NY.  Annie ran a strong 21:08, 6:49 per mile pace.  A great result after running very little the previous two weeks and a great indicator of her fitness moving towards her marathon in late September.  Chris Ogden was also in action the first weekend on August.  He raced at the Cayuga Lake Triathlon in Ithaca, NY.  Chris raced the sprint distance race and broke the tape in 1:30:18. His time put him 5th in his age-group and 50th overall in the race.  Chris has one more triathlon race this summer before putting a cap on the 2018 multisport season.  Well done Annie and Chris!

On August 19th, Elyssa Rosebaum raced Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.  Elyssa was in the best shape of her life heading into this race.  She was fast, strong and confident.  However, as has sadly happened to so many athletes in the past, Elyssa was bitten by the sickness bug just a few days before race day.  Her breathing was so labored that come race morning she contemplated not even starting.  The race being delayed an hour due to fog made matters worse.  But true to Elyssa’s nature, she got herself into the water when her seed time came and got her Ironman underway.  The swim was tough, but she actually felt better afterwards.  The first 30k of the bike was full of worries and thoughts of dropping-out, but after she started eating some calories and caffeine things started to turn-around.  She got off the bike with a very strong time and while she was well on her way to a distance PR she was still just focused on finishing above all else.  She found an effort level that didn’t cause any coughing fits and she ticked off the k’s on her way to a 12:08:31. Her finishing time was a huge PR over her first ironman performance in 2015.  There is no-doubt that if she was healthy Elyssa would have been well under 12 hours for the race.  She has already signed-up for Mont-Tremblant 2019 and it very determined and hungry to get back there healthy and really throw-down a great performance.  Great job Elyssa!

On August 25th, Phil Sconzert raced the sprint distance race at the Maple Grove Triathlon in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Phil raced very well once again and kept his podium streak alive.  He finished in a time of 1:06:22 which was good enough for the age-group win and a 6th place overall.  His finish time was a big improvement over his result from last year.  Phil has raced four triathlons this summer and he has finished on the podium (age-group or overall) in all four.  Next week is Phil’s final triathlon of the summer and he’s looking to make it 5 for 5 on the age-group podium for the season.  Awesome job Phil!

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Ending July Strong


The second half of July was a very impressive one for several Migonis Multisport athletes.  On the Saturday the 14th, Ryan Meek, Alison Migonis, Elyssa Rosenbaum, Matt Ryan and Chris Ogden raced at the Mini-musselman triathlon.  The Mini-musselman is the first of two days of racing in Geneva, NY as part of the Musselman race weekend.  Musselman weekend is the most popular weekend of racing for the MM team each summer and this year was no exception.  Ryan led the way in the mini finishing in a time of 1:21:17 which was good enough for 18th overall and 3rd in his age-group.  Alison was next across the line taking home 1st in her age-group and 43rd overall in a time of 1:26:22.  Elyssa was shortly behind Alison finishing in 1:26:59 for second in the age-group and 48th overall.  After Elyssa, came Matt, who finished in 1:30:12 for 72nd overall and 12th in his age-group.  Chris was shortly behind Matt breaking the tape in 1:34:46 for 114th overall and 8th in his age-group.  Awesome job guys!

The next day some more great racing.  Sunday was the day of the big race, the Musselman Triathlon.  The Musselman is a half-ironman distance race (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).  Elyssa raced again on Sunday as part of the Double-Mussel competition that combines the times of both the Mini-mussel and Musselman races for a separate category/competition.  Elyssa raced very well crossing the line in 5:34:17 which was good enough for an age-group win and 19th overall placing in the female division.  Her time of 5:34:17 added to her time for 1:26:59 from Saturday gave her a total time of 7:01:16 and a 5th place overall female placing in the Double-Mussel. That 5th place finish gave Elyssa her third podium of the weekend.  Well done Elyssa!

Chris, Ryan and Matt also raced again on Sunday.  They did it as part of a relay and raced under the name of Chicken Killers.  Chris swam in a time of 32:41, Ryan biked in a time of 2:37:22 and Matt ran in a time of 1:56:07 for a total time of 5:08:19 which was good enough for 2nd overall in the relay competition.  Great job guys!

Also racing this weekend was Joan Kane.  She participated in the final Delta Lake Triathlon event.  She raced in the sprint distance race and scored yet another age-group podium.  Her time of 1:20:40 was good enough for 2nd in her age-group and 18th overall.  Two triathlons and two age-group podiums so far for Joan this summer.  Excellent job Joan!

Phil Sconzert was also racing this weekend.  He took on a very tough field at the Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon and came home with another podium in his age-group.  His time of 2:21:19 was good enough for 33rd overall and 2nd in that very competitive age-group.  His time was a little slower than last year at this event, but his placing was much higher in the age-group.  This was a testament of how tough the day was and how tough Phil is.  Well done Phil!

On July 22nd, Annie Ball got into the race mix too when she took on Ironman Lake Placid for the second time in the last four years.  Annie had a good race going her first time around back in 2015 until stomach issues on the run forced her to walk a bit.  She still finished with a very solid 12:37:35. This time-around her goal was to break 12 hours.  She started with a fantastic swim which was a over 10 minutes faster than her swim in 2015.  Annie and all the other athletes then had to battle some serious wind on the bike.  It wasn’t too hot though, which was a huge benefit and relief as the last time she was training in Lake Placid, three weeks prior to race day, it was extremely hot and humid.  The wind did cause the times to be a little slower and the effort a little higher on the 112 mile, two loop course, but it didn’t keep her from riding strong the whole way.  Annie got off the bike and onto the run needing a four hour marathon to best the 12 hour mark.  She worked hard, battled through the fatigue and came across the line in 12:09:41.  While it wasn’t under 12 hours it was still a huge PR for her of nearly 30 minutes.  I have a feeling she’ll be back racing here again in the near future.  Awesome job Annie!

The month of July ended with Phil Sconzert racing at the Chisago Lakes Triathlon in Chisago Lakes, MN.  Phil bested his time from the 2017 event by over a minute and finished on the age-group podium once again.  This time he took top time in his age-group when he broke the tape in 1:23:26. His finish time was also good enough for 8th overall.  That makes three races for Phil this summer and three podiums (one age-group win, one age-group runner-up and a third place overall podium).  He has two more races this season to rack-up some more podiums and with the way he’s rolling now, it seems very likely that he’ll do just that.  Congratulations Phil!

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Summer Racing Heating-up


The month of June ended with another age-group podium for one of the longest tenured athletes on the Migonis Multisport team.  Joan Kane raced her second Tupper Lake Tinman event held in beautiful Tupper Lake, NY on June 23rd.  While the weather didn’t really cooperate for the athletes, raining all race long and cooler temps than the usual 70’s the race sees, that didn’t stop Joan from finishing second in the female 55-59 age-group.  Joan’s raced at Tupper twice and has been on the age-group podium both times.  Well done Joan!!

The busy racing month of July has started for Migonis Multisport.  Michael Robertson got after it right away racing the Challenge Roth event in Roth, Germany over the weekend.  The Challenge events are full ironman length races (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).  Michael had the swim of his life, and solid ride and fought through a tough run to set a new PR for the distance finishing in 13:04:10.  A good 37+ minutes faster than his first crack at the 140.6 mile race at Ironman Tremblant in 2016.  Awesome job Michael!!

On July 8th, Ryan Meek and Jaimee Balloni ran in the 41st Annual Utica Boilermaker Road Race, in Utica, NY.  In one of the most interesting results Migonis Multisport athletes have ever had, both Ryan and Jaimee came across the finish line in a time of 1:02:23 good enough for 440 and 444 overall out of the 11,509 finishers in the race.  I say it’s interesting because they didn’t run together, didn’t see each other until the end and just happened to finish in the same time.  Jaimee was 12th in her age-group and the 50th female to cross the line scoring a big PR for the race, while Ryan was 34th in his ultra-competitive age-group and also brought home a new PR for the tough 15k run.  They both had amazing days and once again showed us how strong they both are on the run.  Great job Jaimee and Ryan!!!

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