A Dominating Weekend Sprint Tri, Intermediate Tri, Aqua-bike

06/12/2017 » Fayetteville, NY, Keuka Lake, Albany, NY » Event Website

This past weekend was the busiest weekend of racing thus far in 2017 for the Migonis Mutisport team.  There were 11 people in action between Saturday and Sunday and two of the individuals raced both days.  The team basically took over two events with several podium finishes in both the overall and age-group categories.

On Saturday at beautiful Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY, Matt Migonis, Ryan Elliott, Travis Glazier, Elyssa Rosenbaum and Scott Milnamow raced at the Green Lakes Triathlon.  Coach Migonis won the race in 57:32, which marked the 5th time he has won the Green Lakes Triathlon.  Ryan Elliott was the next team member across the line finishing 8th overall and 1st in the male 35-39 age-group in a time of 1:08:05.  Ryan used a top three bike split and a great run to score this great result.  Nipping on Ryan’s heal was teammate Travis Glazier who had a huge PR on the course breaking the tape in 1:08:10 good enough for 9th overall and 2nd in the 35-39 age-group.  Travis was faster in each part of the triathlon today compared to the last time he raced it in 2015 and it’s easy to see that his 70.3 training is helping him in short course races too.  Elyssa Rosenbaum came across the line next for MM scoring a 2nd place overall finish in the women’s field.  Elyssa’s time of 1:12:23 came from a well balanced attack through all three parts of the race. Her fitness is very high right now so it isn’t surprising that she had such a fantastic result.  Scott Milnamow, who’s just getting back into triathlon racing again, finished 68th overall out of the 255 racers on the day and 10th in his age-group.  Scott was one of the two individuals who was racing Sunday morning as well and he along with Travis and Ryan will be racing Syracuse 70.3 next weekend.  Great job everyone!!!

On Sunday morning Matt Migonis and Scott Milnamow were joined by Branid Brown, Chris Ogden, Beth Lancer, Emily Zipprich and Ryan Meek at the Keuka Lake Triathlon.  The temperature was hot and the course was tough, but everyone battled through and came away with great finishes.  In the intermediate distance race Coach Migonis took home the win for the second time in as many days crossing the line in 2:07:21 for his third Keuka Lake Triathlon win.  He finished 6 minutes ahead of second place.  Ryan Meek was next across the line in a time of 2:34:35 which was good enough for 15th overall and 2nd in the 40-44 age-group.  This was Ryan’s first triathlon of the season and used the race as preparation for Syracuse 70.3 next weekend.  Coming in after Ryan was Emily Zipprich finishing in a time of 2:36:19.  Emily just missed the overall podium finishing 4th overall female, but did score the age-group win for the 30-34 females.  A very impressive performance seeing how like Ryan, Emily is racing Syracuse 70.3 next weekend and also has Ironman Lake Placid on the race schedule for later in the summer, so short course racing as certainly not been the focus for her up to this point.  Brandi Brown was the next MM athlete to cross the line finishing in a time of 2:42:13 which was good enough for 5th female overall and 1st in the 35-39 female age-group.  Brandi too was using this as a hard workout day for Syracuse 70.3 preparation.  Awesome job everyone!

In the Keuka Lake Sprint Distance Triathlon Chris Ogden finished 2nd in the male 30-34 age-group and 30th overall scoring his first podium triathlon finish as a member of Migonis Multisport.  Chris is sticking to short course races this year and appears to ready for a strong season.  Scott Milnamow finished off his double weekend coming across the line in 1:31:05 which was good enough for 6th in his age-group.  With the weather being what is was and the fact that he raced the day before, Scott was very happy to have been in the sprint race today and not the intermediate distance race.  Beth Lance also raced well today in the sprint distance aqua-bike winning her age-group in a time of 1:04:39.  Dealing with a lower leg injury forced Beth to switch to the aqua-bike as she wasn’t able to run, but I’m sure she’s happy with another age-group win.  Great job Chris, Scott and Beth!

Also racing on Sunday was Matt Ryan, but on the other side of the state in Albany, NY.  Matt used a very strong swim and bike to score an age-group win and 12th overall finish at the race.  This was the second age-group podium in as many weeks for Matt.  Well done big guy!

Results: http://www.score-this.com/all-multisport


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Two More Great Weekends for MM


While Memorial Day weekend was unusually cool this year it was perfect racing conditions for the Saratoga Duathlon on May 28th.  Matt Ryan, Matt Toporowski and Amie Thomas all raced testing their speed and strength over the run/bike/run event (5k/30k/5k).  Matt Ryan lead the way for the team finishing in 18th overall and 3rd in his age-group crossing the line in a time of 1:39:40.  Matt is training hard for short course events this season so this was a great first chance for him to test the short course legs.  In the end he had a great result.  Matt Toporowski was the next MM athlete to come across the line.  Matt raced at 70.3 Chattanooga last weekend and might have still had a fuzzy brain from the heat and travelling time over the past 10 days.  Matt was racing well today and was 5th after the first run.  However, he decided to race one extra loop on the bike.  He still managed a 3rd place finish in his age-group and a 30th place finish overall.  A great rebound from the extra race time on the bike.  Like Matt Ryan, Amie was also racing her first multisport race of the season and came home with a 1st place in her age-group and 41st place overall.  This was a fantastic result for Amie who is taking a step back from the long course racing this year and testing her legs in some short races and some xterra and cross bike races too.  Not a bad day for Migonis Multisport as three athletes raced and three athletes came away with podium finishes.  Well done Matt, Matt and Amie!!!

The first weekend in June also saw some great results for a few Migonis Multisport athletes.  Lauren Pfendler raced in her first 70.3 event when she toed the line at the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii race on Saturday morning.  Lauren has been battling a foot issue the last two weeks and wasn’t even sure if she was going to race.  Still she showed her toughness and found a way to get through the pain and raced very well coming home in 13th in her age-group. Her time was 6:10:32 on a hot, hilly and VERY windy day of racing on the big island.  Lauren just missed a 70.3 World’s roll-down spot by four places.  Amazing job in your first 70.3 race Lauren.

Phil Sconzert also raced this weekend, but in a far different place. He raced at the Ironman 70.3 Victoria event in Victoria, BC, Canada on Sunday.  Phil used a well-rounded race with an awesome bike split to come home with a huge PR for the 70.3 distance and an 18th overall finish in his age-group.  His time was 5:07:54.  With that result he also got a roll-down spot for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, TN on September 10th.  Congratulations Phil on an amazing day of racing.


Saratoga Du: http://www.saratogalionsduathlon.com/

70.3’s: http://www.ironman.com/


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Two Awesome Weekends Triathlon, 5k running race, 4 mile run

05/22/2017 » TN, NY, HI

The past two weekends have been two of the most memorable weekends in the Migonis Multisport team’s history.  There were several age-group wins, overall and age-group podiums, personal best times and a 70.3 World Championship qualifier.  It was truly a great two weekends of racing.

On May 14th, Lauren Pfendler raced her first ever triathlon at the Honolulu Triathlon in Honolulu, HI.  Lauren showed little sign of being a newbie triathlete as she took home first place in here age-group finishing in 2:31:40 for her first Olympic distance triathlon (1,500 meter swim, 40k bike, 10k run).  This past Sunday she raced again and had similar results at the much hillier North Shore Triathlon.  Lauren took home another age-group win breaking the tape in 2:32:33 which was good enough for 22nd overall and 4th among all the female finishers.  Two age-group wins in her first two race attempts is very impressive.  Lauren is racing her first 70.3 event at Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on June 3rd.  Fantastic job Lauren!!!

Randy Hadzor was also in action this past weekend at the ever popular Ratsnake Triathlon.  This triathlon is unique because you do the race events in the opposite order.  So you run a tough trail run first, then a tough bike ride and then do a short swim to the finish.  It really is a unique and fun event.  Randy raced very well finishing 2nd overall on the day in a time of 2:50:44.  Well done Randy!

Elyssa Rosenbaum and Emily Zipprich raced at the InStride Sports Orchard run on Saturday in LaFayette, NY.  Both ladies ran this race as part of their long run for the day and both ladies did very well taking home first and second in their age-group. Elyssa was 1st in a time of 30:40 and Emily was close behind breaking the tape in 31:16.  The race was primarily on dirt and gravel roads with a little bit of trail mixed in.  Both ladies are training hard for the upcoming triathlon season which starts in two weeks.  Awesome job ladies!

Travis Glazier raced on Saturday as well. He ran in a race that is very dear to him, the Hubbardsville Fire-2nd Annual Michael Hotaling 5k.  Travis had a great race finishing second overall in a time of 20:15.  This was just a few seconds off of last year’s time, but seeing how Travis is training hard for his first season of racing 70.3 distance triathlons, he was happy with such a strong 5k effort.  He was born and raised in Hubbardsville and knew Mr. Hotaling well.  Great job Travis!

Matt Toporowski accomplished a season “A” goal right off the bat in his first tri of the year.  Matt scored a 12th place finish in his 30-34 age-group at Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga and received a roll down spot for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in September on the very same course.   Matt’s time of 4:14:02 was a personal best and shows that he is in very good shape early on in 2017.  Matt did this race as part of a charity.  He raised nearly $2,700 towards prostate cancer research with Team Zero and was first on the team to finish.  Up next is a short duathlon next week and then Ironman 70.3 Syracuse in mid-June.  Congratulations Matt!

Find results here:

Ratsnake: http://www.zippyraceresults.com/search.php?ID=6541

Orchard Run: http://www.auyertiming.com/pdffiles/10-20-17beak_o.pdf

Ironman 70.3: http://www.ironman.com/#axzz4hfd9qNyc

North Shore Tri: http://www.timelinehawaii.com

Honolulu Triathlon: http://www.honolulutriathlon.com/


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What A Great Weekend Of Racing! Duathlon, 10 miles run

05/08/2017 » Stillwater, Syracuse, Watkins Glen, Philly

This past weekend marked another impressive one for the Migonis Multisport team.  There were several age-group winning performances and personal best times accomplished by a handful of team members.

On Saturday morning the team’s lone Minnesota athlete Phil Sconzert took home first place in his age-group at the Cinco Du Mayo duathlon in Stillwater, MN.  Phil overcame some knee pain in the second run to power through and win the 20-29 age-group in a time of 1:42:44 for the 3.1/19.2/3.1 mile run, bike, run course.  Phil is training hard for a very busy June in which he will tackle several big races including his first 70.3 on the season on June 4th.  Congratulations Phil!

Not to be outdone, Chris Ogden also scored his first multisport age-group win of season as he took home first place in his age-group at the Fly By Night Duathlon in Watkins Glen, NY.  Chris finished in 1:04:27 which was also good enough for 7th place overall in the traditional race.  He and the rest of the athletes had to battle very wet and cold conditions and a slick race track at the Glen on Saturday night.  Chris will be racing several triathlons this summer and completing two duathlon races in the past two weeks will certainly go a long way in helping him get ready for the triathlon season.  Well done Chris!

On Sunday there were several team members racing the 39th Annual Dunn Tire Mountain Goat in Syracuse, NY.  The Mountain Goat is the premier running event in the Syracuse area each year and while most years it’s warmer and enjoyable, this year’s race was run under a blanket of rain and there was no trace of sun at all.  However, it didn’t stop nearly 2,000 athletes from fishing the brutally hilly course through some of the highest points in the Syracuse area.  Ryan Elliott led the way for Migonis Multisport as he crossed the line in 71st place overall and 13th in his age-group.  Ryan’s time of 1:10:04 was a 4 minute personal record on the course!  Kristin Mullally was next across the line as the 36th overall women and 5th in her age-group also scoring a personal record time of 1:17:20!  Both Ryan and Kristin are training for Ironman Lake Placid and both had long bike rides the day before, so to see them complete the rides and then run so well today is a very good sign.  Lauren Polak continued her pr happy season by setting another one at the Goat breaking the tape in 1:23:43.  She decided at the last minute to do the race and we are all very glad she did.  Erin O’Connor also ran a strong race and while it wasn’t a personal best time this year, it was a performance full with determination and grit as she crossed the line in 1:34:23.  Kellie Nasiff followed Erin crossing the line in 1:39:33.  Like Erin, this race was more about fight and, believe it or not, fun for Kellie who also decided last minute to run the race. While it wasn’t a personal best time for the event, it was a victory for Kellie to run that far and on that type of course at this point in her season.  Nikki Garofalo ran a great race setting a new personal best time of 1:43:47.  Nikki is only a month into a consistent training cycle again, so to see her set a new best time on this tough course is impressive.  Awesome job everyone!

In a much bigger city several hours south east of Syracuse, Elyssa Rosenbaum was also running a 10 mile race at the 2017 Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA.  Despite being limited with her running the past 4-5 weeks, Elyssa found a way to set a new personal best time of 1:15:50 for the 10 mile distance.  This was a tribute to her determination and willingness to work extra hard in the water and on the bike to aid her running endurance.  Congratulations Elyssa.






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Some More Impressive Racing From MM Athletes 5k, 1/2 marathon, duathlon, relay

04/30/2017 » Syracuse, NY, Fayettville, NY, Geneva, NY, Delaware

The multisport season is in full swing now as several Migonis Multisport athletes kicked off their 2017 multisport seasons with impressive performances at two duathlon races this weekend.  Duathlons, which typically consist of a run, bike, run format are a good way to get your multisport gears going prior to triathlon season.  The water is too cold to swim outside and running twice in one race is a unique challenge that provides a great test of fitness for the athlete.

On Saturday Ryan Elliott, Kristin Mullally, Chris Ogden and Joan Kane raced at the Du The Lakes Duathlon at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY.  The race consisted of a 5k run, 17 mile bike, 5k run.  Ryan led the way with a 6th place overall finish and a huge 6+ minute improvement over last year’s time.  He also came home with a 1st place finish in the male 30-34 age-group in a time of 1:29:36.  Kristin Mullally was next across the line for MM finishing 4th overall in the female division and 1st in the female 35-39 age-group.  Chris Ogden was next finishing in 29th overall and 6th in his age-group in a time of 1:45:53.  Joan Kane brought home a second place finish in the female 55-59 age-group a short 15 hours after participating in a triathlon relay at Hamilton College the night before.  Joan’s time was 1:59:07.  Well done everyone!!!!

On Sunday Emily Zipprich raced at the Delaware Valley Duathlon.  She took home 1st place in her age-group (female 30-34) and was the 6th placed women overall in a time of 1:34:53.  The race length was 5k run, 25k bike and 5k run.  Word on the street is that Emily set a new 5k PR in the first run leg.  Impressive job Em!

Also on Sunday Kristin Mullally participated in the Seneca 7 running relay.  7 runners run 77.7 miles around Seneca Lake starting at 7 am.  Kristin is training hard for Ironman Lake Placid and is logging some serious miles to get ready for the big day in late July.  Congrats on the big weekend Kristin.

Last weekend saw some other good performances by several other MM athletes.  On Saturday the 22nd, Kellie Nasiff and Nikki Garofalo ran the Good Samaritan 5k in Syracuse, NY.  Kellie finished 4th in her age-group in 27:48 and Nikki finished 3rd in her age-group in a new 5k PR of 28:12.  Great job ladies.

On Sunday the 23rd Lauren Polak and Brandi Brown raced at the Earth Day ½ marathon in Baldwinsville, NY.  Lauren set a PR in the ½ marathon distance for the 4th race in a row finishing in a time of 1:50:03.  Brandi finished shortly after in the time of 1:51:03.  Both ladies are training hard for some 70.3 racing this summer and used this race, in addition to the Syracuse ½ marathon in March, as hard long run days to get ready for big summers of triathlon racing.  Great job ladies.






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