Website Update and the man Responsible.


It’s been several weeks since the end of the 2015 racing season and while most Migonis Multisport team athletes have yet to begin training for 2016 there are a few who have started to build a base for next season.  I generally use the downtime during the fall months, namely October and November, to improve on my coaching skills by studying various forms of triathlon literature, watching USAT webinars and trying different workouts in my own training.  I continue to want to be a better coach and give my athletes the best coaching that I can.

This time of year is also when I try to do maintenance work on the website and come up with some ideas on improving team recognition for next year.  This is why it has been so long since the last post on the blog.  It is a goal of mine to make Migonis Multisport about the team rather than myself and my own training and racing.  This coming year you will see a lot more exposure of the great athletes I coach through the team members themselves and the improvement in the website/social media.

If you haven’t seen the website lately you should check it out. It has been given a big “revamp” by the great people at Variety Studios, namely Randy Hadzor.  I’ve known Randy for a long time. We first met when we started working together at Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse back in the early 2000’s.  Randy was a fantastic high school and college distance runner and a great athlete in general. It became very evident when he was working at Fleet Feet that he was very talented at web design too.  He created some amazing things with his laptop, many of which lead me to believe that he wouldn’t be working in retail very long.  A few years later Randy created Variety Studios with a few friends.  They specialize in web design, but do a lot of other great work too like tee-shirt design, logo work and photography to name a few.  It truly is amazing to see how my friend has chased and caught his dream.

When I decided I wanted to have a website of my own I turned to Randy.  He helped design something that was not only a way to showcase my racing and my coaching, but he created something that both he and I could be proud of. A few years later, when I was trying to grow Migonis Multisport, Randy took some time out of his busy schedule to come and do a photo shoot at my favorite training spot, Hamilton, NY.  Randy followed me around all day. We went and road hills, ran on trails and swam at the Colgate University pool. Randy took some great shots and then put it all together in a new and improved website.  That was in 2013.  Now that it’s 2015 and about to be 2016 it’s time for another website improvement.

Randy has been working a lot of hours making the new site better and more in-tune with the current social media boom.  Team members can now see their own section of the website complete with Instagram photos that they themselves take. Every time they use the hashtag #migonismultisport their photo/post makes its way to the site.  Pretty cool stuff.  Randy also has the system set-up so that every time there is a blog post on the site it is sent to both Facebook and Twitter.  There is now a slider across the front page of the site which we can add and alter photos of team members.  These three improvements, among many others, are yet another way to show Randy’s brilliance when it comes to web design.  I’m certainly not a social media guru and much less of a website professional so to have Randy’s expertise in my corner is a great feeling.

Keep checking-out this fall and see the changes come to life.  I trust that when Randy is all done with his work it will be a project that he is proud of, a site that I’m happy to have my name and business on, and a page that the members of the Migonis Multisport team are delighted to be a part of.  Thanks for all your great work Randy and Variety Studios!!!!!

Checkout the Variety Studios website at  You can also find them on Facebook: Variety Studios, Twitter: @varietystudios and Instagram: @varietystudios