The 2018 Racing Season Has Begun!!


The snow keeps coming and the temperatures are below normal for most of the north eastern part of the country, but that hasn’t stopped members of the Migonis Multisport team from getting their 2018 racing seasons underway.

Michael Robertson competed as part of a running relay on February 17 just outside of Boston.  Michael, who is training hard for the Challenge Roth event (ironman distance triathlon) in Roth, Germany on July 1, ran a very strong 10 mile leg of the relay finishing in 1:12:54 (7:17 pace).  Not bad for a guy who has had to run 99.9% of his runs since early December on the treadmill.  Well done Michael!

Matt Ryan has had some tough luck with colds and illness this winter, but his latest bout last week wasn’t enough to keep him from racing very well on Saturday at the Runnin’ of the Green 4 miler near Albany.  Matt’s time of 31:31 for the 4.1 mile race (7:42 pace) was very good because, like Michael, Matt has ran most of his winter miles on the mill and not the roads.  Great job Matt!

Unlike Matt and Michael, Elyssa Rosenbaum and Emily Zpprich chose to run in a little warmer climate and headed south to run in the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday.  These two young women trained their butts off all winter in one of the toughest places to run, the Snow Belt region of central New York.  When they first decided to run a marathon they had to pick one that was going to give them enough time to train and then recover before starting their training for their late summer Ironman events.  The Shamrock Marathon was a very logical choice, but that also meant a lot of running indoors.  They both clocked amazing workouts throughout the winter on the treadmill hitting their splits and often blowing them out of the water.  They also logged many long runs on the “dreadmill” too, including runs in the high teens and even a 20 miler. To do what they were able to do for 3.5 months was astonishing and very inspiring for many of the athletes who saw them running mile after mile at the Y or on the roads.  Emily and Elyssa really did put 110% effort into getting ready for this race and while the actual race day didn’t go as they had hoped and were prepared for, they still showed the courage and strength to fight, just as they had all winter, to get to the finish line.  Elyssa scored a PR for the marathon distance running a time of 3:48:43 (8:44 pace) and Emily crossed the line in 4:37:53.  Awesome job ladies!