Marathon Training Continued


Less than 3 weeks until the New Port Marathon. With four 20+ mile runs under my belt including a 22 miler last week I feel ready to give Newport a good go. My brother AJ, a former 2:28 marathoner, will also be racing. He and I are racing solely for a Boston qualifying time. I’m still in the 34 and under age-group so the target time is 3:05, while his is 3:10. Shouldn’t be too difficult if we are both smart about things from here on out.

I have realized during this training that I can run for six consecutive days. I didn’t think my heel and body would allow me to do that anymore, but when you are motivated and you take care of your body before and after the run I guess you can surprise yourself. For much of my training I’ve been pushing around a little extra weight. My son Patrick weights nearly 38 pounds now and while the jogging stroller we have is absolutely amazing, it still makes running harder than if I wasn’t pushing him. Yesterday I pushed the little guy for 11 miles and while I was still able to run under 6:45 miles it didn’t come without a lot of fatigue and stress on my arms. I just keep saying to myself that this type of training will really help when the hard parts of the marathon begin at mile 20. Pushing a jogging stroller for 10 miles feels like 20, but more than the physical advantages of running with this extra effort, the mental advantages also become evident. After running 6:45 pace for over an hour pushing Patrick makes 70 minutes of running solo at 6:25 pace feel easy. Pushing the stroller also gives me some extra time with my son, which, above all else, is the number one motivational factor I need to get out and run.