Cooperstown Triathlon This Weekend


Several athletes from the Migonis Multisport team will be competing at a team favorite Cooperstown Triathlon this Sunday.  The race is part of the ATC Endurance Race Series.  Most of, if not all of the current team Migonis Multisport athletes have competed in at least one of these events over the past few years and with the guys at ATC Endurance making some sweet upgrades to the Cooperstown Triathlon in 2015, several team members are super excited about beginning their triathlon season’s in beautiful Cooperstown, NY.

Travis Glazier will continue his busy spring racing season at Cooperstown where he will get his first crack are racing in open-water, riding on rolling hills and running on scenic roads after a very consistent and fantastic winter of training.  Travis has improved a great deal in all three disciplines so it’s exciting to see what he can put together in his first triathlon as a team Migonis Multisport athlete.  Nick Tucci will also get his multisport season kick started this weekend at Cooperstown.  Nick hasn’t raced this spring so he is itching to see how his hard work since training began in September will pay off at the start of the triathlon season.  Nick is training for Ironman Lake Placid in July, so sprints aren’t really in the training regimen, however, this race is a fun way to test the fitness and get the heart rate working hard for 70+ minutes. Emily Zipprich will also make her 2015 triathlon season debut at Cooperstown.  Like Nick, Emily is training for Lake Placid Ironman so this weekend is more for her to get a chance to race and push the heart rate harder than her normal training is doing.  The beauty of sprint triathlons are that because they are so short, you can recover quickly from them thus not screwing with your long course training schedule.

In addition to Emily, Travis and Nick racing at the Cooperstown Triathlon, Joan Kane will race at the very fun and challenging Highland Forest 1-2-3 trail race at Highland Forest in Fabius, NY.  The race consists of a ten mile loop which you can either do one, two or three times.  Joan is opting for one loop.  It is her anniversary after all, so I’m sure she has better things to do than spend the entire day running 30 miles of challenging trails.

Good luck everyone!!!!