2016 Team Migonis Multisport Highlights


Susan Anderson
Susan joined Migonis Multisport in July with the goal of the rest of the summer and fall being to get ready for the Marine Corps Marathon in late October. Susan quickly realized that she had more speed and strength than she thought she had. She was dedicated enough to start her runs at 4 am each day, logging all the necessary miles needed to finish a marathon. Each week she could see improvement in her speed and her confidence quickly grew. While Marine Corps didn’t quite work-out the way she had hoped, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Susan still accomplished her top goal of finishing the race. Prior to the 26.2 mile monster, she ran the Boilermaker 15k road race, the Caz 10 miler road race and the Turning Stone ½ marathon. These races were all part of the prep for October, and to have some fun of course. Next season Susan looks to make a switch in her training and focus on training for and completing her first triathlon.

Great job this year Susan!


Nikki Garofalo
Nikki had a very busy season in 2016 with Ironman Mt. Tremblant being her top goal of the summer, before switching gears to prepare for the NYC Marathon in early November. A very tough feat for anyone to accomplish. Nikki had the experience of racing an Ironman under her belt from racing Ironman Lake Placid the previous year, which helped give her the confidence that she could handle the training and prep for a race filled spring and summer. While Ironman didn’t present the best of weather days it did show just how tough Nikki is. She battled the crazy rain storm that plagued the athletes all day long to finish her second Ironman in as many years. In addition to Ironman, Nikki also raced very well at the Syracuse ½ marathon (also in horrible conditions), the Good Samaritan 5k, Tinman ½ Ironman, Mini-musselman Triathlon, Gillie Girl Triathlon, Tri Dunkirk Triathlon and of course capped off the season with a finish at the NYC Marathon. Her swim, bike and run speed improved by leaps and bounds in 2016 and it really is a testament to how hard of a worker Nikki is. She will take a little break before starting-up for 2017 with the goal of racing some shorter triathlons and running races and giving the long course racing a break for a year or so.

Fantastic season Nikki!


Emily Zipprich
Emily’s start of the 2016 season didn’t quite go as planned, but she still ended the 2016 campaign with a couple of impressive results to her credit. Emily completed her first ironman in 2015 and this season was dedicated to trying new things and experimenting with various races before tackling ironman again in 2017. She had to battle a few unforeseen nagging injuries throughout the first half of the season that limited her racing, but she continued to be optimistic about the races she was going to be competing in and put her determination and time into preparing herself the best she could for those events. Emily raced in three Masters swim meets over the winter setting new best times in a range of events and having fun while doing it. She made huge improvements from the first meet to the third. Emily’s spring, summer and fall racing season consisted of a running relay (Seneca 7), a short course duathlon (Du the Lakes), 70.3 distance triathlon (Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga), an aqua-bike race (Tupper Lake Tinman) her first xterra race (Syracuse Xterra), a 6 mile trail race (Squirrely 6 mile), 5k trail race (Cider Cross), and 5k road race (St. Nick Shuffle). A wide range of race distances and styles that kept things fun and interesting from April to December. Emily scored age-group podiums at Du the Lakes, Tupper Lake, Syracuse Xterra, Squirrely 6 and Cider Cross races. Emily’s 2016 season was highlighted by a new personal best ½ marathon time at the BAA ½ Marathon in Boston, MA. She broke the tape in 1:44:21 on the hilly, wet course, which saw the winning times nearly 4 minute slower than the previous year. Next season Emily will be back to the long ironman training and will set her sights on a big performance at Ironman Lake Placid in July.
Fantastic season Emily!


Brandi Brown
Brandi used this season as another step in her comeback trail. She was able to race on a few occasions and once again showed that even when she isn’t in tip-top triathlon shape she can still be a very big factor in her age-group and the overall race. Prior to her triathlon races in 2016, Brandi raced at the Baldwinsville Earth Day ½ Marathon crossing the line in 1:49:40 which was good enough for 9th in her age-group. She started off the multisport season with a 4th overall female finish and age-group win in the women’s 35-39 age-group at the Keuka Lake Triathlon, in Keuka, NY. She broke the tape in 2:41:30, which was very good for a very tough weather day in Western, NY. After Keuka, Brandi set her sights on the Double Delta Competition at the Delta Lake Triathlon in Rome, NY. The Double Delta consists of racing a sprint distance triathlon and Olympic distance triathlon in the same morning, one right after the other. Brandi came away with a 3rd place overall in the Double Delta. She finished up her 2016 multisport racing at the Cazenovia Triathlon in late August. She raced the intermediate distance race and finished 20th overall and 2nd in her age-group crossing the line in a time of 2:47:13 on the very tough, hilly Cazenovia course. While Brandi wasn’t able to race as much as she would have liked in 2016, she will use the races she was able to participate in to build for 2017, when she looks to get back to racing 70.3 distance triathlons.

Great job this season Brandi!


Kellie Nasiff
Some athletes like to race a few times during the year while other like to race quite a few times throughout the season.  Kellie Nasiff is certainly one of the latter athletes.  Kellie is a competitor and loves to race.  She enjoys testing her abilities and improving each and every race and workout.  Kellie’s number one goal of the season was to race well at Ironman Mont Tremblant in late August.  While the day in Canada was hard due to nasty weather and a challenging course, Kellie fought through and became an Ironman for the second time in the past two seasons.  Along the way to Tremblant Kellie raced many times including the Lake Effect ½ Marathon, Tipp Hill 4 mile race, Syracuse ½ Marathon, Spring Time 10k, Good Samaritan 5k, Mt. Goat 10 miler, Ratsnake Reverse Triathlon, Tupper Lake 70.3 Tinman, Delta Lake Olympic Triathlon, and Gille Girl Triathlon.  She ended her 2016 season at the Syracuse Empire ½ Marathon in October.  Kellie scored age-groups wins, age-group podiums, a 5k, Olympic and 70.3 distance triathlon personal best times along with various race course personal records throughout the summer.  This showed just how much stronger she was able to make herself from January to August.  Next year she plans to focus on training for and racing shorter course races.  If she improves in 2017 like she did in 2016 she will only see more success at her races and possibly score several more age-group wins and podiums.

Excellent job this season Kellie!


Travis Glazier
Travis Glazier had another fantastic year both training and racing. He started off the season by conquering the 100 straight days of cycling challenge. The challenge requires the athlete to ride a minimum of 60 minutes a day for 100 straight days. Travis found a way to get through each and every session and his bike power, speed and overall fitness improved greatly which led to a big difference in his races during the summer. Travis started racing in March with the Tipp Hill 4 Mile race and went all the way to finishing his first ever 26.2 mile distance in October at the Empire Marathon in Syracuse, NY. Along the way Travis raced very well with several age-group podium finishes at various races including 5k running races and sprint triathlons. He raced his first 7 mile trail race at Green Lakes State Park after his favorite triathlon was cancelled the day before. He had great finishes at the Delta Lake, Mini-Musselman, Cazenovia and Cortland Triathlons in addition to a few other races. Travis raced a lot in 2016 and his hard work in training from October to March really showed right out of the gate. He carried that strength and improved each and every week throughout the spring and summer keeping his focus on improving and being the best he could be. With the strides Travis made in 2016 it is very exciting to see how much faster and stronger he will be in 2017.

Great season Travis!


Mike Espejo
Mike Espejo had a break-through season in 2016. Mike became the first Migonis Multisport athlete to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii when he finished second in his age-group at Ironman Maryland in 2015. Because of this, Kona became his number one focus for the 2016 season with all his other races used as prep for the big weekend in October. Mike scored a bunch of firsts this season. He broke 4:30 for the first time for the 70.3 distance at Ironman 70.3 Texas, scored his first triathlon win at a small sprint triathlon and finished on the overall podium for the first time in his short triathlon career at the Tupperlake Tinman Triathlon. While Mike’s race results were very impressive in 2016, probably the most remarkable feat that Mike accomplished this season was battling his way back to racing after suffering a devastating collarbone injury in July. No knowing whether or not he would even be able to swim prior to Kona, Mike decided very quickly that he wasn’t going to let the opportunity get away from him and he road and ran himself into amazing shape. In the end Mike had a memorable first Kona experience and while the day didn’t go as well as he had hoped it was still amazing just to see him out there racing. Of course now he has some motivation to make his way back to Kona for another shot at the perfect day at the Ironman World Championships.

Well done this season Mike!


Joan Kane
Joan Kane loves to race and she did plenty of racing in 2016. Joan’s “A” goal of the season was completing her first 70.3 distance race which she did at the Tupper Lake Tinman in June. Joan flew through the course and scored a 2nd place finish in her age-group when she crossed the line in 6:11. This was one of many age-group podium finishes for Joan in 2016, which also included the Fort to Fort 10k (2nd), Utica Heart Run (1st), Du The Lakes Duathlon (1st), Delta Lake Olympic distance race (1st), City of Sherrill Centennial 5k road race (1st), Old Forge Triathlon (1st), Bolder Inspiration 5 Mile road race (1st), and the Falling Leaves 14k road race (3rd). Joan also ran a new personal best time at the Saratoga Half-Marathon in July finishing in a time of 1:59:37. Needless to say Joan’s year was very impressive and she seems to keep getting stronger and faster as she goes. It is without doubt that Joan Kane is one of the premier endurance and multisport athletes in her age-group in all of New York. We look forward to seeing what Joan can do in 2017.

Excellent season Joan!


Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan had another impressive season of racing, finishing on the podium in several events for this first time in his career. Matt’s Multisport season started at the Du The Lakes Duathlon in Fayetteville, NY where he was 4th in his age-group. A week later he raced at what was considered his “A” race of the spring, Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga. Unfortunately, the race didn’t go as well as hoped or expected as two flat tires, on the bike, ended Matt’s day very early. Matt used this as motivation for the next part of the season and it showed. He won his first age-group race at the MSL Super Sprint in Crystal Cove on Memorial Day and that started an impressive run of podium finishes in his age-group that included the Tupper Lake Tinman Olympic distance race (2nd), Delta Lake Olympic distance race (1st), Mini-Musselman (3rd) and Double Musselman Competition (2nd). Matt ended his season with two Ironman 70.3 events, Timberman and Atlantic City. While these didn’t go as well as he had hoped, he still had very solid days in very tough conditions. Other than the string of podium finishes in the middle of the season, Matt’s most impressive day had to have been his performance at the Musselman Triathlon. It was a day that Matt will always remember as he crashed on the bike, but recovered to set a new personal best time for the 70.3 distance crossing the line just a hair over 5 hours. Next season Matt looks to run another marathon in addition to several more triathlon events. He will also welcome his second child in March.

Great season Matt!


Ryan Elliott
Ryan, much like several other Migonis Multisport athletes, had a very busy summer of racing. An ailing foot issue and a VERY busy work schedule limited Ryan’s training time, so in many cases his races served as both competitions and workout sessions. Ryan started out the season at the Lake Effect ½ Marathon in Liverpool, NY where he finished 70th overall in an impressively fast race for a February ½ marathon event in the cold, frozen state of NY. From that point on Ryan raced in a wide array of events including the Tipp Hill 4 Mile road race, Spring Time 10k road race, Syracuse ½ Marathon, Mountain Goat 10 Mile road race, Du The Lakes Duathlon, Lake Placid ½ Marathon, Double Musselman Triathlon event, and the NYC Triathlon. Ryan’s top goal for the season was to have a good, fast, race at the St. George Marathon in October. While he didn’t get to train as much as was needed to hit a Boston Marathon qualifying time, he still raced very well crossing the line in 3:43. Next year, Ryan is onto racing Ironman Lake Placid for the second time and that will be his #1 focus of the season.

Well done this season Ryan!


Erin O’Connor
Erin began her season with the goal of improving her half marathon time, and completing her second marathon.  Despite some unexpected hurdles this season, Erin still fought on and accomplished one of her top goals for 2016 — a personal best time in the marathon.  She did this at the very scenic and fast St. George Marathon in St. George, UT.  Erin’s time of 4:19:09 was a very impressive performance considering that her season was a whirlwind of highs and lows.  In 2016, Erin also completed the Navy Air Force ½ Marathon, Lake Placid ½ Marathon, Syracuse ½ Marathon (set a new PR), Springtime 10k (set a new PR) and the Tipp Hill 4 mile.

Great job Erin!


Ryan Meek
2016 was another big racing season for Ryan. His number one goal was, once again, Ironman Lake Placid; which was the case in 2015. However, this time around he wanted to better his performance from 2015. Ryan’s training was going very well until he hit a snag during the winter, and was diagnosed with a long coming internal knee issue from the years of wear and tear life has put on it. Unsure of what was going to happen, Ryan played it smart and backed-off his racing a bit and concentrated on just a few key races throughout the year. His run training wasn’t as ideal as he had hoped leading-up to Ironman, but with a big bike focus for most of the season he was able to develop enough endurance to give himself a shot at a good day in late July. The cards weren’t in his favor on the run this time around, but he still finished within 15 minutes of his time from 2015. The season ended on a very high note as he rebounded and had a great day at Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City, where he scored a 70.3 distance personal best time. Ryan also raced at Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga, Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, the Boilermaker 15k Road Race, the Cazenovia Triathlon, the Syracuse ½ marathon, the Lake Placid ½ marathon, the Seneca 7 relay and the Green Lakes Duathlon. Next season, Ryan will focus on some shorter races and take a break from the Ironman racing.

Awesome job Ryan!

Taylor Schaa Wilmoth
Taylor started working with Migonis Multisport in March of 2016. Her goal was simple, finish Ironman Wisconsin. After a few months of consistent training the expectations changed a little and it became “can Taylor break 14 hours at Ironman Wisconsin?” The answer became a resounding “YES” when she broke the tape in 13:57:59. Taylor is living in Wisconsin, so while she didn’t have any Migonis Multisport teammates to train with during the whole process, she did find a way to fight through all the hard yards, miles and minutes to prepare herself for a great day in mid-September. Along the way, Taylor also raced in several running races; including the Gopher to Badger ½ Marathon, the Eau Claire half-marathon and the Spring into Action 5k.

Well done Taylor!


Beth Lancer
Beth had a very solid racing season in 2016. She was able to overcome some various road blocks along the way, and in the end it was a season that saw her on the podium several times. She earned a podium spot at the Incredoubleman sprint distance triathlon, Delta Lake sprint distance aqua-bike, River Rat sprint triathlon, Sodus Point Triathlon and the Keuka Lake sprint distance triathlon. Beth is a tough athlete who loves to race. And if 2016 showed us what she can do when she isn’t feeling 100%, it is a good indication that 2017 could be an even more impressive racing season when she’s back to full form.

Excellent season Beth!


Lauren Polak
Lauren was a newcomer to the Migonis Multisport family this season. She started out very strong in 2016 with a couple of great ½ marathon performances. The first was in a blizzard at the Syracuse Half-marathon where she set a personal best time for the ½ marathon distance (1:57:08). However, a short time later Lauren raced another half-marathon and destroyed her personal best time for the distance once again. She broke the tape at the Baldwinsville Earth Day ½ Marathon in a time of 1:51:00, which bested her newly set PR from Syracuse by nearly 6 minutes. Not too long after that, she also ran very well at the Syracuse Mt. Goat 10 Mile road race. With such a great start to the season the hopes for Lauren setting some blazing times throughout the summer and fall were very high. However, she was dealt with some unforeseen illnesses and injuries throughout the second half of the season culminating with a case of mono, which effectively ended her 2016 campaign. Next year Lauren looks to possibly run a marathon and maybe even her first ½ Ironman.

Great job this season Lauren!


Amie Thomas
Amie was also a new member of Migonis Multisport in 2016. Amie came into the season with a good deal of race experience, including a finish at Ironman Lake Placid in 2015. Amie’s goals this year were simple, get stronger in all three disciplines and set a new ½ Ironman distance PR. After training hard all winter and spring, Amie got her chance at the PR when she raced the Tupper Lake Tinman in late June. She took advantage of the opportunity and flew through the course and got that coveted personal best ½ Ironman time when she crossed the line in 5:53. That time was a good four minutes faster than her previous best. Amie spent the rest of her summer enjoying life and travelling before finishing off with a solid finish at the Pumpkinman Triathlon to close out the 2016 multisport racing season. Amie will be back racing next season with several more triathlons and running races on the 2017 calendar.

Great job on a great season, Amie!


Scott Milnamow
Scott was back racing with Migonis Multisport in 2016. He was last with the team in 2014, when he trained for and completed his second Ironman Lake Placid. This year was more about Scott getting back into the sport and a consistent training schedule. While things didn’t pan out as well as he had hoped with his very busy work schedule, Scott still managed to get a few races under his belt; including the Du The Lakes Duathlon, Delta Lake Sprint Distance Triathlon and the ARC ½ marathon where he acted as a push teammate for one of his fellow team members.
Scott will be back next year and he is determined to train more and race more, while getting back into the shape he was in during the 2014 season.


Dana Cooreman

Dana Cooreman swam, rode and ran arguably the most yards, hours and miles of any Migonis Multisport athlete in 2016. She was training for the very challenging task of completing not one, but two Ironman distance triathlons in a nine week span. Dana had a goal of avenging her disappointing result at the 2014 Ironman Lake Placid which was cut short by a thunder and lightning storm during the swim. Dana was dealing with that disappointment for two years and wanted to make the most of her opportunity to go back and race Lake Placid again. She flew through the course this year, crossing the line in a very good time of 12:05:26 which was a good 40 minutes faster than 2014.

Dana accomplished the second half of one of the most difficult feats an athlete can attempt when she completed her second Ironman nine weeks later at Ironman Chattanooga. However, unlike Ironman Lake Placid where Dana was racing for a time and to avenge her shortened race in 2014, she was racing in Chattanooga for a much different reason. Dana raced the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run in honor of her late sister Stacy. Two years ago Stacy volunteered at the Chattanooga Ironman, and now Dana was competing there to fundraise for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Stacy suffered from Crohn’s and for Dana, racing meant bringing awareness of the disease and helping the foundation in their quest to find a cure for the illness that her sister lived with for over 10 years. Time didn’t matter today as this race was about so much more. Dana and her fellow competitors raced through brutally hot conditions where temps climbed into the mid 90’s. Still, Dana fought through and finished in a time of 13:47:23 which was good enough for 25th in her age-group.
In addition to the two Ironman’s, Dana also had some very good performances during the early part of the season including the Syracuse ½ marathon, Keuka Lake Triathlon, Ironman Syracuse 70.3, and the Delta Lake Triathlon, which she was the swimmer on one of the top finishing teams.

Dana’s season was one for the ages and we were so very glad to have her as a member of the Migonis Multisport team in 2016.

Well done Dana!

Migonis Multisport has also welcomed several new team members to the team at the later part of the 2016 season including, Lauren Pfendler, Elyssa Rosenbaum, Chris Ogden, Chris McLean and Christina Santiago.  We look forward to seeing some fantastic racing from them in 2017.  Welcome Lauren, Elyssa, Chris, Chris and Christina.