2015 Team Migonis Multisport Highlights


2015 Team Highlights

Travis Glazier: Travis had an amazing season in 2015. He was very consistent with his training and very rarely missed a workout session. This workout consistency showed-up in his races quickly as he began breaking personal records left and right. He had very good performances at several races this summer including the Du The Lakes Duathlon, Cooperstown Triathlon, Green Lakes Triathlon and the Sodus Point Triathlon. He was also the lone Migonis Multisport athlete to take on the Delta Double (Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons in the same day) at this year’s Delta Lake Triathlon. Travis improved with each race learning that he can push his body further and harder than he ever has before. He also learned how to train for and race a triathlon to the best of his ability. Studying and practicing all the little things that most people overlook in this sport helped Travis realized that he can always improve and always go faster. This was evident at the end of the season when everything came together at the Cazenovia and Cortland triathlons. In both races Travis won his age-group, which is a huge jump from last year. At the Cortland Triathlon, his final race of the season, Travis improved nine minutes over his time from 2014 and finished in the top six overall.

Travis’ season was nothing short of spectacular and would be considered a dream season, but he has only begun to scrape the surface. 2016 promises to be even more memorable.

Nick Tucci: Nick entered the 2015 season with a goal of breaking 12 hours at Ironman Lake Placid. This would be a two hour improvement over his previous best Ironman time which was also done on the Lake Placid course. While the season started off well, several injuries throughout the winter and spring derailed his run training. But true to Nick’s “fight to the end” nature, he didn’t let the injuries stop him from continuing to believe that he would have a good race in late July. We changed Nick’s training to a heavy swim and bike focus hoping that when he toed the line in Lake Placid he would be healthy enough to get through the day and not injure himself any further. He raced two aqua-bike events along the way just to get a little taste of racing prior to Ironman. When the big day finally came Nick performed amazingly. While he didn’t hit the two hour improvement he still went 45 minutes faster than his first Ironman. That may not seem that impressive, but when you consider that he hadn’t run more than two miles during the last seven weeks leading up to the race, it really is nothing short of remarkable.

2016 will be his second year with Migonis Multisport and there is no reason not to believe that Nick will be ready for a breakout year in the 70.3 distance racing.

Matt Ryan: Matt Ryan raced more than any other Migonis Multisport athlete in 2015. He started off the year with a new personal best time in the 70.3 distance with a good race at Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico. Matt had some good and bad race experiences in 2015, but performed magnificently at his goal “A” race of the season, Ironman Canada. He battled wet, cold conditions all day to come home with a fantastic performance and one he was very proud of.

After Canada, Matt joined some teammates in Milwaukee and raced in both the Age-group and Sprint Distance USAT National Championships. Matt gained a lot of confidence from this weekend which he used a few weeks later when he raced very well at the Cranberry Triathlon Festival in Lakeville, MA. Matt ended his season with a great race at the Aqua-bike Nationals, finishing fourth in his age-group.

Matt improved immensely in 2015. His power numbers got higher, his running paces got faster and his swim times came down all throughout the season. 2016 will be shift in focus for Matt as he will start off the season with a heavy run focus and follow that up with a primarily short course schedule for 2015 with a few 70.3 race sprinkled in. If Matt continues to improve each year the way his did in 2015 he is going to see some fantastic performances in 2016 and beyond.

Ryan Meek: Ryan was one of two Migonis Multisport athletes to race A LOT in 2015. Ryan’s top goal for the year was to get ready for Ironman Lake Placid, which was going to be his first race at that distance. While Ryan did have a great day in Placid, he also had some fantastic races prior to and following his first Ironman race. Ryan started off the year with some notable performances at several local running races. Once the multisport season hit Ryan took off. He had fantastic days at the Du The Lake Duathlon, Keuka Lake Triathlon and Syracuse Corporate Triathlon and he capped off a great first half of the season when he set a new 70.3 personal best time at the very challenging Ironman Syracuse 70.3 race. Ryan showed incredible form at Ironman Lake Placid finishing very strong and having the type of race that defines him, gutsy and resilient. It was a performance and experience that he was very thrilled with and shortly after it was over he knew he wanted to give Ironman another shot in 2016.

Ryan followed up his Lake Placid race with a trip to Age-group and Sprint Distance USAT Nationals. Ryan had two good days in Milwaukee and really got the experience of racing with the best the country has to offer, which is an experience he will be able to use to his advantage in the future. Ryan finished off his very busy season with an overall win at the Incredoubleman Olympic Distance Triathlon coming for behind after going seven miles in the wrong direction on the bike leg. A performance that once again defines Ryan, gutsy and resilient.

As was mentioned earlier Ryan will be racing in Lake Placid again in 2016 in addition to racing several 70.3 races. The jury is still out on how many short course races he’ll do, but it would be wise to assume that he will be racing a few and racing them very fast.

Randy Hadzor: Randy occasionally goes outside, to remind himself of what the warmth of sun feels like. He continues to ride his bike from time to time. For 2016 he is planning to shift gears more toward high-stakes street racing against neighborhood kids for their lunch money.

Emily Zipprich: Emily had several goals coming into the 2015 season, but none was bigger than having a great race at Ironman Lake Placid. Lake Placid was going to be Emily’s first go at the Ironman distance and she was determined to do everything she needed to in training to get ready for a big day in late July. It turned out to be a great first Ironman for her. Not quite as fast as she had hoped, but racing fast in Lake Placid doesn’t happen too often. Overall it was a very impressive first go at the distance. Prior to Placid she set a new PR for the 70.3 distance at the Tupper Lake Tinnman. It was a day when she was able to finally put everything together and have the race of her life. Her time was two hours faster than her 70.3 time from 2102, her first year racing triathlons. Emily also had a great race at the Fly-By-Night Duathlon when she won her age-group and in April she set a new half-marathon personal best time at the Skunk Cabbage ½ marathon.

Emily is planning on primarily sticking to the 70.3 distance racing in 2016 and adding a few races to her calendar. With her training geared towards the half-ironman distance racing it will not be surprising to see her personal best times continue to fall and see her qualify for the 70.3 World Championships.

Brandi Brown: 2015 was Brandi’s come back season. While she didn’t get to race as much as she would have liked she still did very well in the races she competed in. Her second place overall finish at the Henderson Harbor Triathlon and her personal best performance at the Cazenovia Triathlon highlighted a season that was more about getting back into he sport than racing at her highest level. Still, these results show how strong Brandi is and 2015 will surely be seen as a successful comeback.

2016 will no-doubt be a big year as Brandi is comfortable racing again and is confident that her best races are still ahead.

Joan Kane: Joan continues to defy the logic that you get slower as you get older. Joan is getting faster and stronger each season and 2015 was certainly no exception. Joan had exceptional finishes at the Hamtrek Triathlon, Du The Lakes Duathlon, Green Lakes Triathlon and mini-Musselman Triathlon. However, her racing season was highlighted by age-group wins at the Delta Lake Triathlon and the Old Forge Triathlon, which were arguably the two best races of her career.

Joan was also able to compete and race very well at the career changing USAT Age-Group Nationals Championships in Milwaukee, WI. Seen as one of the most competitive Olympic distance triathlons in the world, Joan met the challenge of racing with the best women in the country and had an amazing result. Her performance at nationals showed how far Joan has come in the last four years. She didn’t fear the race or the other athletes and let her abilities do the talking.

Everyone who is a part of Migonis Multisport cannot wait to see what she does in 2016. Word on the street is that she is hinting that she may race a half-ironman for the first time in her career.

Matt Migonis: Matt had another great season in 2015. His number one goal in 2015 was to figure-out how to race the 70.3 distance successfully and to his potential. While the season started off well with a win and course record setting performance at the Fly-By-Night Duathlon, he suffered a bit of a setback with a DNF at the Syracuse 70.3 event. Matt rebounded well with a win the following week at the Tupper Lake Tinnman half-ironman event and then a double weekend win at the mini-Musselman and Musselman events in Geneva in July. After getting sick in late July, Matt had a tough race at the Whaling City Triathlon, but scored top four performances in his age-group at the USAT Age-group and Sprint Distance Nationals.

Matt started feeling better the latter part of the season scoring two wins at the Cranberry Triathlon Festivals winning the sprint distance race on Saturday and the Olympic distance race on Sunday. Three weeks later he capped his season off with and win and National Championship performance at the USAT Aqua-Bike National Championship.

2016 will be a total shift to the 70.3 distance racing. He hopes to build off of Tupper and Musselman and qualify for 70.3 Worlds.