Randy Hadzor

Randy HadzorRandy Hadzor likes to draw pictures and ride bicycles.

While working at a local running store in Syracuse, he was a little burnt out on running after doing it for 4 years in college on the ‘jersey shore. After being introduce to the bike from achilles injury recovery, he began to commute from the hilly lands of LaFayette to work at the store and continued learn more about bicycles from some of his co-workers. These folks included some serious athletes into the latest and greatest of gadgets, tech, and training.. one of those being the one and only; Matt Migonis!

Often getting tips and insight from Matt, Randy got into triathlon, and eventually found that duathlon might be a more sustainable trajectory for competitive results and life balance. Around 2011 and 12 he made a decent push with diligent training, with the target race of Powerman Zofingen the long distance du in Switzerland, as well as a coincidental vist to World Championship Sprint Du in Nancy France, where he finished 4th and 5th in the respective age groups of the amateur world competitions. In 2013, he made another little go of it and took home bronze in the Standard Distance Duathlon World Championships in Ottawa.

Since then his priority has been creating a work life balance that includes fun, athletics and especially incorporating endurance through commuting and adventure.

Matt has been an excellent coach and role model over the years, providing valuable insight into how the world of multisport works, from training to race structures, to pursuit of the ever elusive pro-card.

In the end his top priority is personal balance and overall strength; body, mind and life.. It comes back to the simple motto someone said at some point “work hard. have fun.”

Most recently, in 2017, building on some of the training techniques learned, and evolving a lifestyle that included spin instruction, and run commuting; he raced the ‘draft legal Sprint’ and ‘Standard distance’ Duathlon Word Championships in Penticton, British Columbia. Placing 5th and 6th in the 30-34 AG category.


Special thanks to those that have made the adventure possible