Phil Sconzert

Name: Phil Scoznert
From: Minneapolis, MN
Years with MM: Phil has been with Migonis Multisport since 2017.
Plans for 2018: Phil will be racing a variety of races this season with his #1 concentration being on short course triathlons. His schedule is packed with some very competitive events and he may even make the trip back to NY to race at the Mussleman triathlon in early July, which would be his only long course race of 2018.
Fun Fact: Phil got engaged to his longtime girlfriend a few days after he finished his first 70.3 World Championship race in 2017. Not a bad week!

I am heading into my 4th year of triathlon and extremely excited to be working with Coach Migonis. Growing up I played several team sports but after my first sprint tri I quickly became addicted to triathlon due to the individual discipline involved and how it correlates with the feeling you get as you improve upon your times and weaknesses. As with many in this sport, triathlon soon took over my life.

Some of my favorite things about triathlon is that it keeps me busy with training, provides highs and lows as you work to achieve goals and that it practically forces me into a healthy lifestyle. With that said, the weight of performing well, achieving said goals and going into my second year of Team Wattie Ink with a group of amazing athletes has pushed me to put a lot of pressure on myself. Enter Coach Migonis – in 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting one of his athletes Emily Zipprich and she shared with me her experience with a triathlon coach.

Knowing that I’m highly motivated by wanting to perform well for a coach and having an elite athlete holding me accountable for my workouts, going with Matt as my first triathlon coach was a no brainer. Though it’s been only 5 weeks as I write this I’m already satisfied with the structure, guidance and reassurance that he has provided me.

Rewind back to 2015. It was only my second year in triathlon and I had pulled the trigger on my first 70.3 and 140.6 ironman triathlons. My year was filled with highs pulling me closer to the sport of triathlon but also filled with periods of of discouragement, self-doubt and a lack of training. Between racing in 2015 and 2016 I have matured greatly as an athlete defining my training and racing, creating SMART goals and ultimately just enjoying the many great aspects of triathlon and the community surrounding it.

Outside of my triathlon world, I currently live in Minneapolis with my girlfriend Kalyna and dog Bubba in a great apartment. Kaylna is hoping to race her first sprint triathlon this year as I teach her how to swim. We are from New York (Syracuse and Albany) but met in Baltimore and love to travel. One of my favorite places to be is hiking the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks. Both of us love to eat healthily and luckily for me, K is an amazing cook!

Currently, my 2017 schedule includes Ironman 70.3 Victoria in June, USAT Age Group Nationals in August and Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 in September. Hope to see you out there!

thank you