Nikki Garofalo

Migonis Multisport Athlete - Nikki GarofaloOne of my earliest introductions to triathlon was watching a friend compete in the 1st Syracuse 70.3 Ironman. As I cheered her on as she ran down Erie Blvd. I thought, “WHAT is this all about? She ran from WHERE? She’s going to finish WHEN?”, and I was amazed! The following year I was the captain in ‘Awards’ for the 2nd Syracuse 70.3 Ironman. I was helping my son’s hockey team fundraise through the event. Again, I thought these athletes were both a bit crazy and at the same time incredibly inspiring!

Soon after, my sister Kellie bought her 1st road bike…so I figured I’d get one too. We both signed up for our 1st triathlon and that was the true beginning. We have had such a blast since then! Traveling to Geneva and staying in the dorms for Musselman, going to Tupper Lake for Tinman, camping at Camp Kenan for Kel’s Great Lakes 100 mile Tri and many road trips to Placid, have all provided great fun and a lifetime of memories!

Although I’ve participated in many sprints and a few 70.3 distances, my most favorite day and event was IMLP 2015. What a fantastic day. I’ll never forget waiting for our wave on the beach and feeling so excited to begin. I look forward to IMMT in 2016, and not only will I have the comfort of knowing my sister is out there with me, but this time my husband will be as well!!

In addition to loving triathlon, I also love inspiring my students to embrace a healthy lifestyle (I teach 3rd/5th grade). I am in my 2nd year of establishing a run program in my building, sponsored through New York Road Runners. Last year I led seventy-five 3rd graders through their 1st marathon. My Mighty Milers accumulated their miles over a period of several months and had their final mile on our track with medals, balloons, the entire building and family cheering them along! I now have 3rd AND 4th graders (154 members) and they are running strong!

I look forward to learning all I can from Matt, finishing IMMT with pride, making more memories, being a part of a wonderful team and truly enjoying my journey with Migonis Multisport!