Matt Ryan

Name: Matt Ryan
From: Loudonville, NY
Years with MM: Matt has been with Migonis Multisport since the fall of 2014.
Plans for 2019: Matt has another marathon on the plans this season as he races the Rock ‘n Roll DC Marathon on March 9. He also plans to race a few short course races and maybe even a triathlon or two.
Fun Fact: Matt is a huge NY Giants fan. His love for the team is only surpassed by his love for his family and his love of cheese.

Migonis Multisport athlete Matt Ryan
I became a runner and a triathlete prior to ever meeting Matt Migonis but it wasn’t until I met him that truly became an athlete.

In the summer of 2014 I decided with my wife Rachel and son Aidan that I was going to tackle the task of becoming an Ironman in the 2015 Ironman Canada. My wife encouraged me to find a good coach and while I wont bore you with the story of how we found Matt, I will say that I could not have found a more perfect coach for me and my family.

The 2015 season was my first season with Migonis Multisport and not only did achieve my main goal of completing IM Canada but I also competed in the Sprint and Olympic Distance Age Group Nationals. All in all my 1st season with Migonis Multisport saw me compete in one (1) Ironman, two (2) 70.3’s, two (2) Olympic Tri’s, three (3) Sprint Tri’s and the USAT Aquabike Nationals.

After the craziness of the 2015 season and accomplishment of the big Ironman goal, I decided to shift most focus to some shorter races. My family bought an RV prior to the 2016 season and we planned out a season where we could enjoy as much racing and camping as possible. I raced IM Chattanooga 70.3, where 2 flats derailed my PR swim; MSL Super-Sprint, where I took 4th Place Overall; Tupper Lake Olympic, finishing 3rd Overall; next up was Musselman weekend, where I raced the miniMussel and bested my 2014 time by 4 minutes and finished 3rd in my AG and 20th Overall. The next day it was the Musselman 70.3, where despite a bike crash at over 20 mph I still managed to set a 70.3 PR of 5:01 good enough for 7th in my AG and 31st overall. These two back to back efforts earned me 2nd overall in the DoubleMussel behind only my Coach Matt Migonis. The following weekend I returned to the site of another one of my 2014 races to compete in the Delta Lake Olympic, where I bested my 2014 time by 14 minutes, which was good enough for 1st in my AG and 12 overall. That race capped a stretch of 5 races in 5 weeks and following some much needed rest, I shifted gears to my final 2 races of the season IM Timberman 70.3 and IM Atlantic City 70.3 and while these 2 races didn’t exactly give me the results I wanted, I still was very proud of the schedule for 2016 that I completed.

During the later half of the 2016 season, my family learned we would be having a new addition in about 9 months, which has cause me to greatly scale back my racing schedule for the 2017 season. My 2 main events are to be the Musselman weekend again, where I hope to improve in both races and finally crack the 5 hour mark for a 70.3. Following that, I will shift gears to setting a PR in the Chicago Marathon in October. Beyond that my sights may set back in on Ironman in the future…..who knows.

I am super excited about the upcoming season with Migonis Multisport and while it will be a very different season for me than the past 2 years I absolutely look forward to all of it and following all my amazing teammates along the way. I still have some very big goals in my sights and I firmly believe in the saying “If your goals aren’t scary, you’re not dreaming big enough”. I know for sure that if anyone can help me achieve these big goals/dreams its Matt Migonis and the rest of the Migonis Multisport team.

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