Elyssa Rosenbaum

Name: Elyssa Rosenbaum
From: Manlius, NY
Years with MM: Elyssa has been with Migonis Multisport since the summer of 2016.
Plans for 2019: Elyssa has a busy season ahead including going to Mont Tremblant again in August for Ironman and racing several events in Mexico in July. She’ll also have several other races on the calendar. This could be a huge year for Elyssa.
Fun Fact: Last season Elyssa set a PR at Ironman Tremblant despite coming down with an illness two days before the event. She showed her amazing strength and determination by fighting through all the pain and anguish and crossing the finish-line with a smile on her face and a new best time for the 140.6 mile monster.


Hi! My name is Elyssa Rosenbaum and I am so excited to be a member of the Migonis Multisport team for 2017! When I was growing up, I was involved in just about every sport imaginable.

Gymnastics, however, was my one true love and I went on to compete in the NCAA for James Madison University. When my gymnastics career ended, I began competing in running races, just to have something to train for. I ran a few half marathons and 5k’s, before deciding a triathlon sounded like fun. On very little training and my mom’s hybrid bike, I managed to finish the 2010 Iron Girl Syracuse, came in 5th in my age group, and I was hooked!

I eventually worked my way up to a half-iron distance race in the summer of 2012, and finished the Musselman well below my goal time of 6 hours. That summer I also competed in the USAT Sprint Distance Nationals and earned a spot on Team USA. Shortly after Nationals however, I moved to Israel for a volunteer program, and I ended up competing on the Israel National Lacrosse team in the Lacrosse World Cup! So I may have had to give up my spot at one world championship, I got to go to a different one! Following the World Cup, I returned to triathlon, training and racing with the Jerusalem Triathlon team. While in Israel I won my age group at the Sprint Distance National Championships and had the opportunity to compete in a National Bike Racing Championship as well (I was 3rd out of 3!).

After deciding to pursue a degree in Physical Education, I returned to the US in the summer of 2014 and promptly got peer pressured into signing up for Ironman Lake Placid 2015. Pretty shocking for someone who always swore up and down they would never do an Ironman! Despite the long trainer rides, early winter mornings in the pool and the endless long runs, I really enjoyed the experience of training for my first Ironman. While training for IMLP, I was introduced to Matt, and he was kind enough to invite me to participate in his team training camp in Lake Placid. At the time, I was working with a different coach, but missing the team atmosphere. Matt’s camp was a breakthrough for me, and the first time I was sure I would be able to finish the race!

I took most of the 2016 season off from organized training and racing last year to finish my master’s degree. After graduation, teacher certification and securing my first job, I followed up on a year-old promise to Matt to finally hire him to help me reach some of my next level goals. I have seen huge gains in fitness and speed since I began working with Matt just a few months ago, and I can’t wait to see what the 2017 racing season holds for me. My big races for the year are Musselman and the Rev3 Barrelman, both half-iron distance races and I am hoping to smash some PRs!