Brandi Brown

Name: Brandi Brown
From: Syracuse, NY
Years with MM: Brandi has been with Migonis Multisport since 2009.
Plans for 2019: Brandi plans on racing some triathlons and some running races this season. Her top goal is to get to the starting-line of the Wineglass Marathon in the fall healthy and fit.
Fun Fact: Brandi was the first athlete to join MM since its inception in 2009.


Hi my name is Brandi Brown…coach Migonis has been hounding me to write a bio about myself
forever…so where to start…

I grew up in the North Country, graduated from General Brown High School and then completed my
professional studies at Utica College of Syracuse with a B.S in Health Studies and a M.S. in Physical
Therapy. I come from a fairly athletic background, the normal soccer, softball, swimming and truthfully
just being very active with my family as we grew up on Lake Ontario. I swam all four years at Utica
College, but as I completed my undergrad studies in 3 years and then began grad school, I needed
something else to do after my 4 years of collegiate eligibility was up but still had another year and a half
of grad school. I met a friend in grad school who was a runner…so heck I will run with you…heck I’ll train
for a marathon with you…Well let’s say I had the cardio engine to run but coming from a gravity
eliminated sport to a very high impact sport was not agreeing with my body. After a diagnosis of
multiple stress fractures in both femurs, recovery, rehab time and a slow buildup of my running miles, I
was back on the road.

We all know how people chat at races, so of course I was chatting with a fellow racer and he found out I
was a swimmer. He was like well you should do triathlon. I had never heard of triathlon but needless to
say a week later my grad school friend and I had not only bought bikes but we had registered for a sprint
race in Vermont. It was one of those weird races where you swim the day before and then they seed you
on the bike the next am based odd your time. Well I had the second fastest swim time, but this was lost
rather quickly as I fell off my bike 3 times throughout the race duration and thought I was going to die
on the run. The bike yes had clips and I had practiced with them twice. It was a great day…well it must
have been because over the next few years I trained for a completed numerous triathlons from sprint to
half-ironman distances. It was at this time that my boyfriend, now husband, Noah, and I moved back to
Syracuse from Richmond VA and I met Matt.

I was one of Matt’s original athletes. He approached me about coaching and we discussed the things he
thought he could help me improve. Improve yes…impress myself yes…Thank to Matt’s help I have
completed even more triathlon races again from sprint to Ironman…from national championship wins,
age-group wins throughout the Olympic and Half-Ironman distances as well as qualifications for 70.3
World Championships. Coach Matt is great….he understands that I work full-time, managing the largest
out-patient orthopedic office in central New York, while still treating patients full-time, wrangling and
very active 3 year old, family time, my love of the Adirondacks and our many weekends of travel to see
our families who are all out of time and just ion general organizing a training schedule around life. This is
why I continue to train with COACH MATT…he gets it and with all of this on my plate…we are successful
and are having fun doing it…

So what else can I say…but thank you for it all

– Brandi Brown