Beth Lancer

Triathlete Beth LancerMy background does not involve swimming, biking, or running. It mainly consisted of dance and rock climbing. During college, I realized that I had to put dance on the back burner. This was a very difficult decision as dance was all I knew for 17 years. Not being part of a group and rising to a physical challenge on a daily basis became really tough for me. I missed the sense of belonging, the dedication, and the satisfaction of reaching a physical goal. After college, I moved out to Colorado for a teaching job. I then realized that dance was something I wouldn’t be able to continue. Too much time had gone by and I needed to find a new challenge that would give me the determination and dedication that dance did. That’s when I found my love for rock climbing. I became an instructor and absolutely loved bouldering and top roping. There were rock climbing gyms and as well as many amazing places to climb outdoors. I craved the physical and mental strength it took to complete each climb.

Time went by, and Syracuse, New York called me back home. There weren’t many opportunities to climb around here. Again, I found myself craving a new adventure. In addition to teaching, I also picked up some hours at Fleet Feet. No surprises here, I started to learn to love to run. However, I found only running day after day a bit tedious. And that’s when I met Matt. For years, I looked up to his accomplishments and dedication to this crazy sport he helped introduce me to. Triathlon. I always felt honored to have Matt as a good friend, but I feel even more so now, to have him as my coach. It’s been a long time coming. I have only been with Matt since January of 2016 and already feel some of my goals coming to the surface. I have already pushed myself to do things I didn’t think I could do, and feel my confidence growing in doing so. Matt is very thorough with his plans and feedback. His guidance and encouragement are helping me strive to be the best athlete I can be.

I primarily compete in shorter distance races. This year, I hope to get stronger, both physically and mentally. Last year was a tough season as I had a foot injury leading into Nationals. I want to make this a come back year. As with many other athletes, I share the drive to become a faster competitor. I plan on competing in more races this year than I normally do. I am excited to be a part of this great triathlon community, but most of all, I’m honored to be included with these amazing athletes at Migonis Multisport! I am looking forward to where the 2016 season will take me!