Amie Thomas

Name: Amie Thomas
From: Saratoga, NY
Years with MM: Amie has been with Migonis Multisport since 2016.
Plans for 2018: Amie is still toying with some racing ideas for 2018, but right now it looks like it will be a short course triathlon focus for most of the season.
Fun Fact: Amie raced her first Xterra Triathlon in 2017 and her performance qualified her for the Xterra World Championships in Maui. Not bad for having never raced an Xterra before.

Migonis Multisport Athlets - Amie ThomasIn 2009 a friend encouraged me to sign up for the Irongirl sprint triathlon in Syracuse with her. Long story short, my friend did not end up competing in the race, I trained on my own, and loved every minute of racing my first triathlon. The Irongirl not only marked my first open water swim experience, but also my first competitive bike event and the first 5K that I completed without walking during the 3.1 miles. In short, I was hooked.

I raced again in 2010 completing a couple more races, including my first Olympic distance where I placed second in my age group and my love for multisport was solidified. The next couple years I put racing on a backburner as I completed a dual masters degree program, but came back to triathlon full force in 2013 when I signed up for Syracuse 70.3. During my first 70.3 race, my cable broke and left my bike stuck in the hardest gear for over 30 miles of the course. I did not have the race that I wanted that year, so I knew I had to try again. In 2014 I returned to the race and shaved over an hour off my prior year time finishing under 6 hours.

In 2014, I went on to win my age group at a local sprint triathlon and sign up for my first 140.6 distance race. After signing up for Lake Placid Ironman, I ended up injuring my calf during a training event and spent the Fall of 2014 working through PT and trying to get back on track for the upcoming season.

During 2015, I completed my third 70.3 event in Raleigh and then in July I completed Ironman Lake Placid with a finish of 13:30 for my first Ironman. I learned a lot during my training for Ironman – especially in the areas of race nutrition and mental toughness when things don’t go as planned. I walked away from the experience happy to have finished despite continual calf issues, but knowing that I wanted to try some new strategies for training and racing. This knowledge is what prompted me to reach out to Matt Migonis and inquire about his coaching methods. For 2016, I am looking forward to working on my biking strength and speed, as well as working to overcome a few lingering injuries. This year, I have plans to race a bit more and have fun with a few shorter races. Tupper Lake Tinman 70.3 is my primary race focus for the year and I am excited to see what improvements I can make with the help of Matt Migonis and the support of the entire Migonis Multisport team – I can’t wait to see what accomplishments everyone achieves this year!